101 of the most beautiful kitchen cabinet handles in the world

For a long time, beautiful kitchen cabinet handles have always been the concern of many interior designers. A beautiful cabinet handle will help the overall cabinet become more harmonious, luxurious and modern. Here, Luxterior will go with you to find out 101 beautiful kitchen cabinet handles that are the most popular in the world today.

1. Beautiful mushroom-shaped kitchen cabinet handles

– One of the beautiful and luxurious kitchen cabinet handle designs is the mushroom-shaped cabinet handle with nickel material. This is a classic design, which has been around for a long time but is not boring.

Design of mushroom-shaped cabinet handles with nickel material

– Overcoming the wear and tear of time, mushroom-shaped kitchen cabinet handles are still chosen for durable and modern kitchen cabinets. Mushroom-shaped kitchen cabinet handles are often used for white kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets.

2. Durable Alison brass kitchen cabinet handles

– With a classic brass material and a knob design, this high-end kitchen cabinet handle always attracts the attention of interior decorators. The large, bulky cabinet will become more beautiful thanks to the highlight of the lovely cabinet handle, which is exquisitely designed, and elaborately patterned.

– Ideally, you should combine brass kitchen cabinet handles with dark or matte black wooden cabinet doors. This will further highlight the classic style of the overall house.

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3. Unique model of kitchen cabinet door handles made of stainless steel

– Whether made of stainless steel or stainless steel, this cabinet door handle is still loved for its simplicity, and rustic but no less delicate. Using this accessory model helps the kitchen cabinet door not to oxidize but become shinier and shinier over time.

This model of cabinet door handle is loved for its simplicity and simplicity

– In particular, this is a model of cabinet handles that is preferred by grandmothers, mothers and sisters because it can be combined with any interior space. At the same time, the product is extremely easy to clean so there is no fear of dirty wires anymore.

4. Super durable nickel combination black marble kitchen cabinet handles

The trendy cabinet handle design with super-hard, super-durable nickel will be the most popular product in 2022. Combined with the nickel handle and the black marble knob, it will further enhance the nobility and beauty of the cabinet. Multiply luxury for your wardrobe.

Combined with the nickel handle is the black marble knob

5. Kitchen cabinets with enamelled and oiled brass handles

The handle made of copper will help the kitchen cabinet door handle more solid. At the same time, the shiny nickel head makes the design stand out, impressive at first sight. The interior space is practical but still has a unique style, bearing the personality of the owner.

The brass handle makes the door handle more secure

6. Experience the new square kitchen cabinet handle Black Rock

Unique square kitchen cabinet handles are inspired by geometry to give the interior space a new source of vitality. In addition, the matte black colour makes the space more simple and ancient, like going back to the 1970s. This is the perfect combination for the house to be more cozy and comfortable.

7. Beautiful glass kitchen cabinet handles

If you are a lover of white, the glass cabinet door handle is perfectly suitable. Below is a chrome base that makes the handle even more solid, standing out among thousands of modern interior decoration products.

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Above are the most beautiful kitchen cabinet handles in the world that are “storming” on the furniture market in 2022. See more than 1001+ models of cabinet handles at Luxterior and choose the one you like best!