5 types of wall hooks for pictures that are both beautiful and durable

In the interior decoration industry, there are many wall hooks for pictures with unique and beautiful designs, materials and designs. Below, Luxterior will help you choose the right picture hangers to increase aesthetics and convenience.

1. Wall hook for pictures by wood 

As a type of wall hook for hanging wooden pictures, which can withstand strong forces, the theme is made up of 2 parts: 1 is the base that contains glue so you can attach them to the wall, and 2 is the hook part. the hanger used to connect to the glue base. People often use wooden hangers to hang pictures or other items in the house. Usually, the most beautiful photo hangers are made of natural wood with many different sizes and designs depending on the needs and purposes of use.

The most beautiful models of photo hangers are made of natural wood

2. Picture hangers without transparent nails

The transparent wall mount picture hanger is made of super durable PVC and stainless steel, which helps to withstand high pulling forces, providing absolute durability. This picture wall hook can be pasted on any flat surface, including outdoors because of its high water resistance.

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3. Decorative wall hooks for pictures by iron

Types of picture hangers made of iron material have many unique and delicate designs and designs. The iron picture hanger also has a layer of high-grade anti-rust paint, so the hook can be used to hang pictures outdoors.

With iron material, these hangers are very sturdy, and highly durable and do not distort or deform during the hanging of large paintings. In addition, you can use iron-serrated photo hangers for more beautiful wall decoration pictures.

4. Wall hooks for pictures with stainless steel

Hangers used on cement walls made of stainless steel SUS304 anti-rust is a type of decorative painting hanger specially designed for cement walls. The hook has a good bearing capacity and can stick on the rough, uneven surface of the cement wall. Thanks to that, you can easily hang decorative paintings weighing < 4kg without fear of them slipping or falling.

Specially designed cement wall decoration picture hanger

5. Funny and cute plastic picture hangers

To hang small, light pictures in children’s spaces, people often use plastic hangers with many funny and lovely shapes. These picture hangers will attract children’s attention at first sight.

With wall hooks shaped like bears, rabbits, dogs, elephants, fruits, and flowers,… made of PVC, colourful, cute, and extremely convenient. You can hang pictures or necessary items on it without having to use nails or drilling the wall, which is unsightly but not durable.

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Above are the models of wall hooks for pictures to be beautiful and durable, which are most popular with consumers this year. I hope it will help you to have a beautiful and sparkling interior space. Besides the above picture hangers, you can use brass wall hooks to give the pictures more value. Please get in touch with Luxterior for advice and assistance in choosing beautiful wall accessories.