A brief history of the development of door locks and keys

A brief history of the development of door locks and keys

A door lock is a tool made to secure the house or the boxes, chains that contains valuable things. Door locks have been existing in human life since the very beginning days and have become a necessity. Let us (Luxterior) review the types of door locks from the past to the present to get an overview of this useful item.

The history of door lock development

Ancient door locks were made simply, just a key (Door with latch) or wooden latch. Over time, door locks are often made of more sustainable materials such as metal to prevent intruders from entering the home. The door locks at this time also have gradually been developing as well as becoming more complex and sophisticated along with more keys. Moreover, up to now, door lock has made great progress, becoming a developed technology.

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Lattice door lock

These are simple “locks” in the period when people begin to consciously keep their homes and avoid the intrusion of crooks. The door lock in the form of a bolt has a simple structure, but on the contrary, it is also quite effective in ensuring the security of the homeowner.


For further development, people know to use a chain connecting one end of the door and the other end, which helps to keep the door from opening by hooking the end of the rope with a hook located on the back of the door.

Floating latch

A variant form of the bolt and the chain. It is a flat metal rod that floats on the door, to keep the door from opening by latching to the frame of the door set. The pinnacle of the door latch is the negative latch that achieves both the highest safety and the most aesthetic.

The biggest disadvantage of the types mentioned above is that only the inside of the door can be locked (when someone is inside).

Later, mechanical door locks with latches were developed. To this day, with the progress of science and technology, smart door locks with magnetic cards, fingerprints, electronics, … have been born.

Traditional mechanical door lock

The mechanical box of the lock includes the locking pins that make the security of the door lock. If the door latches are not secure, the door lock will be ineffective. The mechanical lockset has only two latches: horizontal latch, cross pin.

The cross latch has the effect of temporarily closing the door to prevent the door from opening naturally, just turn the handle and this latch will open, without the ability to prevent unauthorized entries. The horizontal latch has the main function of locking the door, preventing opening the door, the thickness of the horizontal latch is only 5-8mm. The lock consists of two parts, the lock and the key, made of hard metal and many shapes.

The lock is opened when there is a key with the ridges teeth on the edge of the lock in accordance with the order of the small pins in the lock in order to raise those small pins, causing the lock to lose the lock effect.

The disadvantage of this type of lock is that using a mechanical key makes it difficult for users to use many keys at the same time, especially when the keys have nearly the same shapes.

Smart door lock

Smart door locks are modern locks that use codes, fingerprints, magnetic cards, etc. This kind of locks helps to open doors without or only with keys in emergencies. The purpose is to help people not have to carry too many keys with them, thereby improving safety in protecting assets.

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Smart door locks have the disadvantage of being susceptible to professional devices. Therefore, modern locks need regular improvement to prevent thieves with high technology knowledge.

Above is: A brief history of the development of door locks and keys. Any problem with window handles, please associate with luxterior