Advantages and disadvantages of wooden cabinet knobs

Although it is only a small detail, the wooden cabinet knob plays an extremely important role in the cabinet. A beautiful cabinet handle, suitable for the material, colour and style of the cabinet will help increase the aesthetics of the space. However, wooden cabinet knobs also have certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s learn more about Luxterior in the article below!

What is a wooden cabinet knob?

– Wooden cabinet knob is one of the details and accessories made of wood that come with kitchen cabinets or wardrobes. It is used to pull-push the door of the cabinet when it is necessary to get or store things inside easily and conveniently.

Wooden cabinet knobs are suitable for many modern and classic home spaces

– Besides opening and closing the cabinet door, wooden cabinet knobs are also designed with many different designs, sizes, and colours, …. Choosing a wooden cabinet knob that is in sync with the colour, design of the cabinet and the items in the room will make the space more beautiful, comfortable, and enhance the aesthetics of the house.

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Advantages of wooden cabinet knobs

– Aesthetics: Currently, wooden cabinet knobs are elaborately and carefully designed, choosing solid and durable materials. With many delicate patterns and diverse textures, wood materials are carved by artisans into beautiful and unique shapes.

Moreover, wooden cabinet knobs bring natural beauty, elegance and sophistication that are not easy to obtain. The simple design still exudes elegance and sophistication to every small detail of the beautiful wooden cabinet knob also helps to bring the house a classic look.

– High durability: Wooden cabinet knobs are more durable than other cabinet knobs because people often choose woods with a hardcore (such as mahogany), completely dried to turn into cabinet handles. best quality. As a result, wooden cabinet knobs will not be oxidized, avoiding corrosion and rust due to being placed in a humid, hot environment. Over time, wooden cabinet knobs are not deformed and still retain their original shape.

– Easy to install: With a simple structure, assembling wooden cabinet knobs into the cabinet is very easy and quick. At the same time, the correct installation process will help increase the durability of wooden cabinet knobs.

– Simple to use and maintain: Pulling out – pushing into a wooden cabinet knob is not difficult. The wooden cabinet handles are very solid, with good traction, giving a real, extremely comfortable grip. Especially in cold, wet rainy weather that causes metal cabinet handles to rust and damage, wooden cabinet knobs are the optimal choice. When used for a long time, wooden cabinet knobs are not damaged but also “water” more beautiful.

The wooden cabinet knob has a simple design but still exudes elegance and sophistication

– Nostalgia, helping to express the personality and style of the owner: Looking at a house with many wooden utensils, the highlight is the wooden cabinet knob for synchronization, everyone knows that the owner of the house. is a person who tends to be nostalgic, and inclined to an introspective lifestyle. But this is also a sentimental person, a perfectionist, and loves perfect beauty.

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Disadvantages of wooden cabinet knobs

Besides the countless advantages of wooden cabinet knobs, it is undeniable that wooden handles still have weaknesses that have not been improved and overcome. May be mentioned as:

– Causes hand fatigue: Holding tight and holding for a long time makes your hands often tired, even imprinted with traces of wooden cabinet knobs.

– Easy to rot: Wooden cabinet knobs will be rotted and damaged if they are regularly exposed to water and humid environments without applying preservatives properly.

– High cost: High-quality wooden cabinet knobs, sophisticated patterns, and good wood quality will be quite expensive, you need to consider them before buying.

Above are the pros and cons of wooden cabinet knobs, you probably already know whether to use this type of handle or not. So, have you chosen a wooden cabinet knob for your cabinet yet? Please contact Luxterior immediately for advice and support to choose the earliest!