Discover the most popular aluminium doors in 2022

Aluminium doors are not only suitable for houses but also used in large architectural works such as restaurants, hotels, and offices. It has become a new trend in modern life because of its outstanding advantages. In 2022, what are the common types of aluminium doors in Australia? Let’s explore Luxterior in the article below.

Why are aluminium doors used a lot in modern architecture?

Aluminium doors are increasingly used in many modern architectural works because it has many outstanding advantages such as:

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– The sturdy aluminium frame design and large glass surface help blur the boundary between inside and outside space.

Aluminium doors will last longer with the right handle
– Is easy to combine with different types of curtains, awnings, and decorations. They both create a vision of the outside and have a sense of elegance and sophistication.
– The colour system is diverse and rich such as porcelain white, matte white, golden, matte brown, wood grain …
– High durability, can be up to 25 years.
– Good bearing capacity thanks to the sturdy aluminium frame, tempered glass and modern lock set. This helps to keep your home safe from thieves or rain, wind, and storms. Some quality doors have a bearing capacity of 1600 Pascal and 1600 kg, ensuring the safety of the building.
– Excellent noise resistance and heat insulation thanks to the profile bar with hollow cavity and stiffening ribs, helping you enjoy a peaceful life amidst the noisy life.
The most popular types of aluminium doors 2022
Aluminium sliding door
One of the most popular types of aluminium doors today is the aluminium sliding door. This type of door is suitable for houses with a small area, making your home space more spacious and airy.

Aluminium sliding doors are suitable for narrow areas

Aluminium sliding doors have the following characteristics:

– Thickness from 10-12mm

– Various sizes

– Horizontal opening and closing design, can be pulled from right to left or vice versa.

– Has the form of sliding 1 wing, 2 wings, 3 wings, 4 wings, 5 wings, 6 wings…

– With 3-wing doors pulled to one side or 6 wings pulled to both sides, it is suitable for bedroom space, or a balcony.

– Structure includes door frame, glass and accompanying accessories.

  • Aluminium folding door

– Folding aluminium doors are commonly used in high-rise buildings, offices, meeting rooms, main doors of houses, villas, apartment buildings, resorts, hotels, high-class restaurants…

– The advantage of folding aluminium doors is that they save 90% of the space, and can be folded to one side or two sides.

Compared with aluminium sliding doors, this type expands the area up to 50% better.

– The door is fixed by a firm hinge system, not prone to door knocking like other swing door systems.

– Has high water tightness, air tightness, and good sound and heat insulation properties.

– Diverse in shape and size, it is suitable for many types of construction architecture.

– The door has a strong, high hardness, so it is safe for users and protects good security.

– Transparent folding sliding glass doors take advantage of the light source from outside and become closer.

– The only disadvantage of this type of sliding folding glass door is the high investment cost because it is one of the high-end door lines.

  • Hinged aluminium doors

– Hinged aluminium doors are also known as French classic doors. Is a type of aluminium door that can both slide and rotate, giving you an extremely spacious space.

– Not only saving space, but aluminium sliding doors also create a facade for an airy and luxurious building.

– With smartly designed aluminium bars, outstanding colours, and beautiful and unique door handles, aluminium sliding doors are the choice of many modern projects.

– The sliding door has 2 wings and 4 wings. In there:

+ The 2-wing type is often used as a toilet door, kitchen door, bathroom door, door from room to room…

+ The 4-leaf type is often used as a living room door.

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It can be said that now in Australia, many architectural works from houses to high-class and luxurious buildings use aluminium doors because of their aesthetics, space-saving, noise resistance, good bearing capacity, and low cost. reasonable.

To have a perfect project with aluminium and glass doors, don’t forget to choose a solid lock. Currently, Luxterior has a full range of high-end locks suitable for all common aluminium doors. Therefore, please contact us immediately for advice on choosing the most suitable lock.