How to install Nixie hook from Luxterior?

If you are reading this guide, chances are you just purchased our stylish Nixie hooks? If so, congratulations! I guess you are as exciting as I am when writing this article. This post will guide you on how to install Nixie hook from Luxterior.

The Nixie hook structure is a little bit different from the other hooks at Luxterior. And because it has become so popular recently, we decided to write a dedicated tutorial on how to install it properly and get the most of your recent purchase. If you haven’t done so, this will serve as a guide while you are making your decision.

How to install nixie hook
A Nixie hook in brushed brass finish.

Method 1: The glue method

I personally use this method only when the surface is tricky to drill holes through. An example of these surface is tile in your bathroom. It’s more challenging to drill through tile since you need special skill as a special kind of drill bit. Moreover, if you don’t do it properly you might risk breaking your tile.

The most appropriate type of glues for this task is liquid nails from Bunnings. The Selleys 420g Liquid Nails Fast Grab Strong Adhesive is a good choice. For area with high humidity, a waterproof version might be more appropriate.

Prior to the installation, make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned with a damn cloth and left completely dry. Then apply a right amount of adhesive to the back plate of the Nixie hook. Finally stick the hook onto the cleaned surface, push firmly and hold in position for a couple of minutes before letting go.

Wait for the liquid nail to completely dry (See the instruction on the product packaging for the dry time) before using the hook.

An alternative choice for the adhesive is the doubled side mounting tape. An example is the Gorilla 1.5m Clear Mounting Tape from Bunnings. If you don’t require your Nixie hook to bear too much weight, the mounting tape is probably a better choice compared with the liquid nail. You can remove the hook without too much mess. The only drawback is you might experience a slight gap between the back plate and the wall.

Method 2: The screw method

For this method, the first thing to do is to remove the screw from the back.

How to install nixie hook
Firstly remove the screw that holds the circular back plate and the hook shaft
How to install nixie hook
From left to right: the hook shaft, the circular back plate and the screw that used to hold the 2 parts together.

This screw holds the circular plate at the back and the shaft together. So if you don’t use the glue method, you will need to remove this screw. Now it’s time to evaluate the surface where you’re gonna install your hooks on.

Wooden surface:

This is the most straightforward surface to work with.

Predrill a pilot hole with 3.0 drill bit.

Firstly, you need to drill a pilot hole with a 3.0 drill bit. Then you place the hook fitting screw into your electric drill and put in into the predrilled hole. It’s important that you don’t apply excessive force to the hook fitting screw otherwise the thread will be damaged. In the end the protruded length should be around 1.5cm.

Place the hook fitting hardware into the pilot hole.

Now all you need to do is to place the circular plate’s hole through the screw and fasten the hook’s shaft.

Fasten the shaft onto the screw and all done!

Plasterboard or brick surface:

These surface require a wall plug. Firstly, you start by drilling a hole with an appropriate drill bit (5.0) onto the wall. Generally, the drill bit should be slightly smaller than the wall plug provided. This hole will house the wall plug. (For convenience, the illustration below uses a wooden surface). Next, insert the wall plug into the hole, use a hammer if necessary.

Plasterboard or brick surface requires a wall plug for the installation of the Nixie hook. (For convenience, the illustration uses a wooden surface)

Now screw in the hook fitting hardware with the help of an electric drill. Finally, place the back plate over the hook fitting screw and fasten the shaft.

A panel

If you are to install the Nixie hook on a panel with a thickness of 15mm to 35mm, the first thing to do is to drill a hole where you want to install the hook with a 4.0 drill bit. Next, choose an M4 screw with appropriate length depending on your panel thickness and insert it from the back of the panel.

Finally, install the circular plate from the front and fasten the shaft.


And… you’re done. Congratulations!

In this tutorial we have provided a comprehensive tutorial on how to install Nixie hook from Luxterior. This tutorial is applicable for all the finishes (mixed, brushed brass and matte black). I personally prefer the screw method since it generally results in hooks with higher bearing weight. You should pick a method that is the most suitable for your requirements. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to head to the contact us page and let us know.