How to install the Stein hook – a quick tutorial (with pictures)

This post serves as a tutorial on how to install the Stein hook from Luxterior. Available in matte black and brushed brass, the Stein hook is one of the best selling products from our store thanks to its brilliant design that reflects the concept of eternity, completion and wholeness.

To start the installation of the Stein hook, firstly dissemble the hook by unscrewing the shaft from the base. You can do this easily by twisting the shaft counterclockwise while holding the base.

install the stein hook
Start the installation of the Stein hook by unscrewing the shaft from the base.

The next thing to do is to fix the base on to the surface where you want to hook to be installed.

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If the surface is made of wood, it’s pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to screw in the wooden screw provided in the package. It’s recommended that you drill a pilot hole with a 2.0 drill bit prior to the wooden screw. This does not only make it easier to install the wooden screw but also improve the accuracy of the drill location, i.e. you get to install the hook exactly where you want it to be.

Fix the hook base to the wooden surface using the wooden screw and an electric drill.

Once the base is firmly attached to the wooden surface, all you need to do now is to screw in the hook shaft. It’s recommended that you tighten the shaft onto its base, but not too tight because this might weaken the hook later.

Screw in the shaft onto the base and all done!

If the surface where you want to install the hook is of other materials, such as plasterboard, brick or tiles, you will need the wall plug. To install the wall plug (provided in the package), start by drilling a pilot hole with a 5.0 drill bit. This hole will house the wall plug. Next insert the wall plug into the pilot hole. You might need a hammer to make the wall plug flush to the surface, but be carefully to avoid damage, especially for surfaces such as plasterboard or tiles. Once the wall plug is firmly attached to the surface, use the wooden screw to fix the base of the hook on the surface.

Plasterboard, or brick, or tile surface requires a wall plug for the installation of the Stein hook. (For convenience, the illustration uses a wooden surface)

Finally screw in the hook shaft and you’re done. Congratulations!

install the stein hook
Fix the base with the screw and finally twist in the shaft and all done!

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Installation of the Stein hook is not rocket science. Anyone with a bit of hand-on skills should be able to do it. The key to install the stein hook is to realize that it comprises of 2 different parts, the base and the shaft. Once you know how to dissemble them, it should be straightforward. Just bear in mind always apply appropriate force to avoid damaging the surface. Also, care should be taken to prevent the surface of the hook from being scratched by sharp tools.