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BOLD – Entrance Door Handle – Gunmetal

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Make a strong statement to your interiors with our BOLD Series door handles. This unique set of door levers come with distinctive and minimalist design finishing in electroplated Gunmetal will guarantee to impress. Perfect for modern projects, either brand new builds, house extensions or comprehensive renovations.


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Installation Instruction Video

ENM-101 – Mortice Lock Drill Guide – PDF

BOLD series – Technical Specs – PDF

BOLD Entrance – Part List & Instruction – PDF

If you are looking for door locks that are durable, secured whilst adding modern and luxurious touch to your home, look no further. The BOLD series entrance lockset comes as a set of 2 Gunmetal door handles, each measures approximately 170mm in length, with a depth after installation of 54 mm. Designer handles merge seamlessly with the rosettes to create a minimal look while the levers are crafted horizontally with soft curved edges for a comfort grip. This sunset-resembled series is finished in contemporary Gunmetal which gives a slight gloss to the lock. 

Available in Entrance, Privacy and Passage functionalities, the BOLD series were crafted to suit both left- and right-handed doors, hence are perfect for any Australian home project. The lock structure is backed up by our 5-year warranty.

Note: this product listing is for the Entrance function (#) only. For the BOLD series in Privacy function, click here, in Passage function, click here.

The Bold Entrance door handle. Photo and project by Joanne Galea from Style & Harmony Interior Design (IG @style.harmoney)

What in the box:

  • A pair of BOLD series door handles in Gunmetal
  • A pair of 50mm rosettes.
  • A pair of 50mm escutcheons.
  • Entrance mortice lock (model ENM-101) (see below).
  • Euro 75mm key-to-knob cylinder (weight 192g) with 4 computerized keys (*).
  • Matching strike plate. 
  • Screws, pins, allen key and other required hardware.

Handle Specifications:

  • Function: Entrance
  • Handle Weight: 350g (each)
  • Handle Dimension: 170mm x 50mm x 45mm (Length x Height x Depth)
  • Rosette Dimension: 50mm x 9mm (Diameter x Depth)
  • Escutcheon Dimension: 50mm x9mm (Diameter x Depth)
  • Material: Zinc Alloy.
  • Finish: Gunmetal (or Gun Metal or Satin Black Nickel).

Entrance Mortice Lock ENM-101 Specifications:

  • Faceplate dimension: 3mm x 22mm x 240mm (Thickness x Width x Height).
  • Backset distance: 60mm.
  • Centre distance: 85mm.
  • Weight: 620g.
  • Heavy duty steel case.
  • Retractable 26mm latchbolt (by keys) to assist single handed entry. (See video below)
  • Reversible latchbolt to allow universal door configuration (left-handed or right-handed, in-swing or out-swing, handles below or above cylinder). (See video below)
  • Double throw 52mm deadbolt for extra security. (See video below)
  • Suit door thickness 35mm to 55mm

(*) Door can be locked/unlocked from outside with a key and from inside with a knob.

(#) Entrance locks are used on external doors that allow users to enter the house (i.e. front doors, back doors, or doors to the side of the house). It requires a key to unlock from the outside and usually can be locked from the inside. Some houses uses entrance locks for bedrooms with valuable assets for extra security.

Privacy locks are used for internal doors where users need some sort of privacy (i.e. bedrooms, bathroom…). It can be locked from inside, although users can gain access from outside with a special tool (i.e. a coin, a pin…) in case of an emergency or an unexpected event.

Passage locks are used for internal doors where users just need the doors to stay shut with no privacy required (i.e. study, laundry, hall…). Passage door can be accessed from both side and stays latched when shut.

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 40 mm


8 reviews for BOLD – Entrance Door Handle – Gunmetal

  1. (4.9)

    Jessica L.

    Fantastic design, gunmetal finish look much better than matte black imo. Strongly recommended, will come back for next project. Jes

  2. (4.9)

    Tom Brown

    Excellent pair of handles. Quick deliver

  3. (4.9)

    Lucas Parton

    I was surprised at the quality of the lock body, together with the handles, the lock set is such a steal at this price.

  4. (4.9)

    Bianca J.

    Great design, great finish, delivery time could hav been better.

  5. (4.9)

    Bill Taylor

    my order was shipped the next day and arrived a day later. Great service, can’t complain with the quality A+

  6. (4.9)

    Chang L.

    Received my order yesterday. Well packed and excellent quality. Thankss.

  7. (4.9)

    Natalie John

    I love my bold levers for the front door, all my friends seem to impress. Great design 🙂

  8. (4.9)

    Bob L.

    I ordered this set together with other function for my reno, turned out to be a very good decision. Premium quality pair of handles + really good lock body. Also worth mentioning the set comes with a cylinder and key, basically everything I need for my front door. Recommended

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