Tell you 5 tips to avoid losing your great door key

When you are in a hurry, you can’t even find the car keys, locking the house makes you even more confused and in a hurry. Below, Luxterior will tell you 5 tips to avoid losing the door key to “escape” in “goldfish brain” situations.

1. Always keep the key in a fixed place in the houseOne of the 5 tips to avoid losing the door key that you need to do first is to specify a place to keep the keys. When you get home, the first thing you do is put the key in there, until you go out, no matter how fast you are, you won’t forget it.

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One of the 5 tips to avoid losing the door key is to keep it in a fixed place

– Busy work makes your time limited. The design of a small box or simply a few nails, a key hanger on the wall, near the door is the fastest way to find the key, saving you time to lock the door when you need it. go urgently.

2. Gather the keys into a bunch and use the included special hook

– A unique keychain with your style and personality that will be easy to identify when you accidentally drop it somewhere. At the same time, a hook to hook the key to your clothes will make it difficult for the key to leaving you.

– If you are female, you can reserve a small compartment in your bag to keep your keys to avoid losing your keys. Or you always leave a spare key in a secret place in the house such as a flower pot, tree stump, door slot,… When the situation becomes urgent, you just need to open it and have it right away, no rush. rummage through everything.

3. Use a smart key chain or Key finder with a Bluetooth connection

For important keys, you can use the Key finder – a smart, wireless, Bluetooth-connected key detector that is attached to the key. Just using a smartphone, you can track your key.

4. Make the key chain stand out, and more eye-catching

A simple trick to avoid losing your key is to paint it with luminous paint, whether in the house or the yard, in the dark, … your key will “stand out” right away. This tip helps you find the key quickly. At the same time, please use different paint colours for the key chain to easily distinguish which is the cabinet key, which is the door key, and the gate lock, … easily.

5. Use an electronic lock to avoid losing the key

– If your “remember to remember, forget to forget” situation still cannot be improved, the electronic lock is considered an effective solution of last resort. With an electronic lock, you will no longer use a regular key, but use a magnetic card (also known as a magnetic lock), fingerprint or some easy-to-remember numbers. This is the fastest way to find the key that many people apply.

– Once you can’t remember where the key is, any decoration or use of any kind of lock is useless. Ideally, you need to practice for yourself a neat tidy habit so that you don’t get rushed or panicky whenever you need to find something, including keys.

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Above are 5 tips to avoid losing your door key so that you no longer feel a “headache” every time you find your key in the early morning. On the other hand, you need to equip yourself with a really strong lock to prevent intruders from breaking in. Please contact Luxterior immediately to choose a high-class lock for yourself!