The most popular interior trends in 2022

Experiencing great upheavals of the times, especially the Covid-19 pandemic, people have become quieter and live “slowly”. The decoration of the house also changes accordingly. Here, Luxterior will combine the most popular interior trends in 2022 to find your style.

The most popular interior trend in 2022: Basic colour “on the throne”

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– The pandemic has “pinned” people to stay at home most of the time they live and work. So, if the house is decorated with too bright, outstanding colours, it will make them uncomfortable.

– Basic colours such as white, black, grey, green, beige, and pastel pink, … will give you the most friendly and natural interior space. Thanks to that, even if you stay at home a lot, you still feel more comfortable and comfortable.
Favourite interior trend: Rounded lines
– Objects with sharp, angular lines will make the space rough. People in the pandemic tend to be “rounder”, so they also prefer to use utensils with rounded, regular and “fat” features.

Favorite rounded interior trend in 2022

– Round tables, lampshades, round stools and sofas, etc. are all curved in rounded corners. The selected decorative objects also follow this trend such as round pillows, round coffee tables, flower vases, round candlesticks, etc. to create a sense of security, completeness and fulfilment.

Popular interior trends: Minimalist style

– Experiencing the upheaval of the pandemic, people tend to go back to nature and cut down on cumbersome and troublesome things. In particular, the minimalist style has been known for a long time, but it is not until 2022 that it becomes a trend.

– Minimalist trend favours the use of simple furniture, just enough according to needs. This will help your room become airy, neat and seem more spacious.

– Minimalist interior trends often use gentle, natural colours such as white, beige, and grey. Objects made of wood or coloured wood are also “favoured” in this style.
Most popular interior trend: Bringing natural elements into interior decoration
– The time spent working and living at home makes people tend to put natural materials such as marble, onyx, granite, natural wood, etc. into indoor decoration. This trend makes the interior space of 2022 closer and friendlier than ever.
– In addition, trees are also included in more interior decoration. It can be vegetables in a foam box placed on the terrace or a few pots placed in the living room, desk, … also make the space cool, green and closer.
Current interior trend: Combining home – office space
– The shift to working online from home makes it urgent to decorate your desk. It is not possible to just sit on the sofa or temporarily at the dining table to work because it is very inconvenient and not aesthetically pleasing.
– Therefore, home office decoration has become the most popular interior trend in 2022. If you can’t have a separate office, you should at least arrange a desk. Work in a quiet, well-lit place.

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Above, we have suggested the most popular interior trends in 2022 for you to choose from when decorating your home in the most trendy style. At the same time, any interior style needs a secure door lock. Please contact Luxterior immediately to get the best door lock!