The most popular types of aluminium and glass door lock today

In construction, an aluminium glass door lock is the most used accessory for the door set because of its simple, convenient and affordable design. Therefore, aluminium and glass door locks have never been “hot”, especially in the present time. Below, Luxterior will take you through the most common types of aluminium and glass door locks today.

1. Aluminum glass door lock with the single point structure

– This is a type of aluminium and glass door lock with an extremely simple structure, including only the lock body, the lock core and the door handle. The inner part of the lock core has only a reed and a pin, so it is often called a single-point lock.

However, because there is only 1 lock, the single-point aluminium and glass door lock does not have high security. This type of lock is often used for the door of the room, the door of the bathroom, and the toilet, but rarely used for the main door because of that.

Single point aluminium glass door lock has a very simple structure

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2. Aluminum and glass door lock with multi-point structure

– Different from a single-point lock, a multi-point aluminium glass door lock has more parts and latches. The structure of the multi-point lock is also more complex, including the lock core, the door handle, the actuation rod and the lock body. The actuation bar is connected to the lock body to increase the safety and certainty of the door set.

– People often use multi-point aluminium door locks for main doors, balcony doors, and gate doors, … This type of lock has many fulcrums, holds very firmly, so it is difficult to pry open, or is installed in places of love. high level of safety.

3. Aluminum glass door lock design for sliding doors

Sliding glass aluminium door locks are often combined with padlocks or door latches to increase security. You can choose all kinds of sliding door latches such as semicircular lock with hook, lock with 2 hooks, lock with 1 hook, door lock B52, D-shaped sliding door lock, imported Japanese hand padlock, …

Types of aluminium sliding glass door locks are popular today

4. Aluminum glass door lock pattern for swing doors

This common type of aluminium and glass door lock is usually used for an A-shaped swing door. For this type of door, people often use a lever lock that is extremely convenient and safe and can open – lock the door very quickly…

5. Aluminum glass door lock opens with a fingerprint

The fingerprint door lock form is often used for many types of doors such as wooden doors, glass doors, aluminium doors, … are. The most outstanding feature is to use of the fingerprint reader to identify and unlock quickly and automatically. Currently, many people often choose the fingerprint lock model to install for the door because of its high level of convenience and security.

The fingerprint door lock is commonly used for many types of doors

6. Electric aluminium glass door lock

Also known as a magnetic door, you can use Bluetooth, password, face or magnetic card to unlock it. This is a line of smart aluminium glass door locks that are popular with many people. This type of lock promises to “dominate” the world of door locks in the coming years.

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Above are the most common types of aluminium and glass door locks today that you should choose and experience. Each type has its structural characteristics, but generally has a high level of security, becoming the most “loyal guardian” for your home. Besides, if you need to buy high-end door handles to combine with door locks, please contact Luxterior immediately for advice and support!