Things to know about window lock handles

Do you use the window lock handle in your house but do not know the use, or how to choose and install the door handle correctly? Below, Luxterior will go with you to learn what you need to know about window lock handles to use them most effectively.

1. The use of the window lock handle

In interior design, the window lock handle seems to be a small part of the window, but it is very useful in realizing the creative ideas and unique decoration of the architects. The window lock handle also shows the style, taste and class of the owner. Using the right window handle will give you a more modern and comfortable space.

Holding the right window lock will give you a modern space

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2. Scope of use of the window lock handle

– You can use the door handle to lock the door in all types of windows such as pop-up windows, revolving windows, sliding windows, louvre windows, sliding windows,… Handles create accents for the interior design of the house to become beautiful, luxurious and new.

– In particular, door handles made of aluminium are most commonly used because they bring a brilliant metallic lustre and are reasonably priced. This cheap window lock handle is also durable and especially does not stick to dust.

3. Notes when installing the window lock handle

– Measure carefully to choose the right size of window lock handle: For example, if you want to install a high-class Korean-style window lock, the door must have a width of > 11cm, and a thickness of >3.5cm. . On the other hand, you need to use a super strong wooden or steel door, install the window in a place where there is no rain or wind or sunlight.

– Choosing the right window handle orientation: When installing Chinese window lines, you need to find the direction to install the door handle. Because these types of doors often have 2 types of push-pull, it is necessary to carefully determine the direction of the handle to know if the door is pulled out or pushed in.

You need to find the direction to install the right window handle

– Use suitable doorknob installation equipment: It should be known that the structure of each type of window lock handle is not the same. Therefore, you must choose the right and effective installation tools. For example, a steel door handle requires a drill, an iron drill, a retractor, an iron screw, a cutter, and a grinder. As for wooden doors, it is necessary to use a wood drill with a diameter of 20 – 60mm, a wood chisel, a keyhole screening machine, a cutter, grinder.

– Do not arbitrarily install a window lock handle: Not everyone can install a common window lock handle because without expertise and proficiency, you can easily damage the whole window. When installing, workers also need to wear specialized glasses and masks carefully to make the installation of window lock handles safe, fast and effective.

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The above is all you need to know about window lock handles for those who are looking to install the best quality and trendy door handles in their home. If you intend to buy good quality doorknobs and experience the fastest and most professional installation service, please contact Luxterior immediately.