Tips and tricks to choose high quality door handles for your home

Tips and tricks to choose high quality door handles for your home

On the market today, there are many different types of door handles that give customers many options. However, to buy the right ones that meet the criteria, not everyone knows. We (Luxterior) would like to give you some suggestions in choosing high quality door handles.

What is a door handle? And what are their uses?

The main door handle is one of the indispensable parts in the overall structure of a door set. This detail is of medium or small size, used for the entrance door and usually has a thickness of 3 to 5 cm. It can be made from many different materials such as copper, stainless steel or alloy, etc.

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These accessories play a very important role. First, they help complete the look of a door set. Moreover, they also meet the function of the door perfectly, serving the needs of people more conveniently than ever. Opening and closing the door becomes easier with this handle. At the same time, making the operation of the door easier and more durable.

Some popular types of door handles today

Door handles are now made from many different materials and designs. Here are some typical models, chosen and appreciated by many people:

Glass door handles

The main handle products for glass doors are usually made from stainless steel or glass with luxurious and sophisticated style. It is suitable for large spaces, following a modern style.

The glass door handle has a rather large design, providing a firm and safe grip. However, in terms of the market, these products have a relatively high price, so they require users to want to invest to improve better.

Round door handles

This is one of the leading popular door handle models today. It is widely used in most constructions with features of easy installation and easy maintenance.

This charming one is designed to fit the user’s hands and suitable for many different projects and architectures are the strong points of this handle model. However, in terms of protection, this product has not really reached the highest threshold.

Each model is designed with its own color and pattern, easy to coordinate with many different home styles. It can be made from many materials such as natural wood, copper, antimony, stainless steel, etc.

Swivel handles

This handle is widely used in high-class buildings such as apartments. With just one swipe of your hand, you can easily open or close the door very fast and convenient.

This product can be made from many different materials such as wood, stainless steel, etc. However, perhaps the most common is still stainless steel and nickel plated, which offers high durability as well as good aesthetics.

Sliding door handles are suitable for many types of doors, including fingerprint locks or smart passwords.

Aluminum door handles

This product is specialized for aluminum door sets. It is divided into two main colors, white and black to create synchronization with the door color, slim design and very easy to use.

With aluminum material painted with electrostatic alloy, aluminum door handle has outstanding durability and is difficult to fade. This gives users the best experience.

Criteria for choosing door handles

Based on certain criteria, it will help you easily choose a quality handle that meets your needs.


The material determines a lot to the rigidity, more deeply is the life of the door handle. Choosing products made from typical high-quality materials such as zinc alloy, copper instead, stainless steel 304 will help increase their durability.

Internal structure

The actual door handle durability is determined by the internal mechanism, whether the handle is loose or sagging due to the design and materials used inside. What material is the inner core made of? How does the spring work and where is the brand from? You should carefully consider these before deciding to buy the product.

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Plating of the handles

The plating layer determines a lot to the aesthetics of the door handle. A good coating will have higher durability, not peeling as well as fading.


Above is all the information related to the door handles we want to send to our readers. If you have any questions or want to buy, please contact us (Luxterior) immediately for the best advice and support!