Top 10 best-selling brass knobs at Luxterior

In the process of choosing interior decoration accessories, brass knobs are a perfect choice, bringing a unique and impressive highlight at first sight. Here are the best-selling brass knobs at Luxterior for you to choose from.

1. Brass knobs combined with Amelia black leather

A perfect combination of brass knobs and leather creates a unique product called Amelia Knobs. This black copper cabinet knob will contribute to making your home space cozier and equally luxurious.

Brass knobs combined with Amelia black leather

2. Rose leather cabinet knobs – Amelia

The pastel pink colour of the Amelia Knobs copper cabinet knob is a good suggestion for your room in the Nordic interior style. The room will be full of life and warmth with the pale pink colour of leather combined with solid copper. Brass door knobs are polished and coated with paint that enhances the durability and beauty of Amelia Knobs over time.

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3. Brass knobs Amelia with blue leather  

As a person who prefers elegance, sophistication and elegance, Amelia Knobs green leather cabinet knob will be the first choice for you. The cabinet knob has a perfect combination of copper metal and leather with an impressive design to create a “one-of-a-kind” product for your home space.

Amelia Knobs green leather cabinet knob is the first choice

4. Impressive brass kitchen knobs –  Emmett.

The classic style of round brass knob design helps Emmett enhance the modernity and elegance of the kitchen cabinet. The gathering space of family members will have an impressive highlight, becoming a place to keep many beautiful memories. The product is less prone to stains and if any, it is also very easy to clean with a normal soft cloth, providing lasting beauty over time.

5. Unique matte black brass knobs – Auburn Knob

A matte black brass cabinet knob with unique and sophisticated designs will be the highlight for the interior space to be more eye-catching. In addition, the anti-scratch paint helps the product retain the original colour of the brass.

6. Premium solid brass knobs – Marley

Marley is a bronze cabinet knob inspired by Auburn Knobs products, combined with wider notches. Therefore, Marley is also one of Luxterior’s best-selling brass knobs. The “small but mighty” copper knob Marley will be the perfect choice for the beautiful little cabinets in the room.

7. Fluss Knob & Hook – Luxury matte black brass knobs

Brass Fluss knob with rust resistance and modern design will make your kitchen space more luxurious and noble. Solid copper material gives the product absolute durability and is extremely convenient, making the process of opening and closing the cabinet very easy.

8. Solid brass cabinet knob – Iriis Knob.

With a variety of combinations and ease of installation and use, Iriis copper cabinet knobs make a difference that is not easy to mix for your home space. At the same time, with its compact size and original copper colour, Iriis is the most popular and chosen in recent times.

Iriis brass knobs make a difference to the space

9. Levi Knob – Pure brass cabinet knobs

The cutouts around the diamond shape combined with the classic colours give the Levi crown a unique and impressive look. Levi is the first choice for modern European-style kitchens.

10. Matte black pure copper cabinet knobs – Vogel 

The brilliant golden colour of pure copper from Vogel Knobs design will help you decorate the space more cozy and sophisticated. This is also one of Luxterior’s “sold-out” copper cabinet knobs.

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The interior space will be enhanced with aesthetics and durability, convenience when using brass cabinet knobs. Contact Luxterior today to own “beautiful – unique – top” copper cabinet knobs for your interior style to be sublimated.