Top 3 popular door handles used in commercial projects

Top 3 popular door handles used in commercial projects

There are abundant options when your search reaches for door-handle ideas online. Having a designer doorknob on the front door of the commercial space will make it look more attractive.

Here are top three popular doorknob ideas for a commercial space only for you.

  1. Bowed Stainless Steel Door Handle

Round door handles are always favored for their simplest approach to guests. This door handle has a bowed structure with a glossy texture. You can add this knob to a wooden or a glass door as it looks cool with both.

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2)     Strong White Door Handle with a Lock

Commercial spaces prefer doors that encourage one-way vision or sometimes two-way. Such doors deserve better door handles that are durable and look aesthetic even for daily use. The door handle has a special handle that enables an easy lock system without the need for a key.

3)     Simple Door Handle Design

This door lock has a simplicity that deserves a special mention for commercial projects. When in a hurry, a simple press lock does wonder for privacy and protection. Hence, the round-shape door locks is ideal if you have to leave the cabin many times.

Besides, there are more options for the buyers to choose the suitable door handles for commercial projects. Let’s take a look at these below.

4, Comfortable Door handle

These are door handles that add extra comfort at every touch during office hours. The hinge at the beginning of the handle not only looks good but also makes sure your hands do not slip in a hurry.

5. Straight and Simple Door handle Design

Commercial space doors are used widely every day. Guests, clients, workers come in and out. You need a door handle that is easy to maintain and would look shiny and new even after years. Go for this and you will never regret the purchase!

6,Simple Stainless Steel Door handle

These are ideal for doors that are inside the commercial area space. Devoid of the lock system, these door handles look unique for a wooden or glass door. The texture is shiny and requires less maintenance.

7,Door handles with Alluring Steel Grey Design

Give your office a stunning makeover with the new steel grey design. The hypo lock system ensures durability at every use.

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Entryway handles are about what you decide for a chose entryway relying upon the material, variety, and spot. The object being no different for all, the best entryway handle plans can stress the general look of your business space in various terms.