Top 7 best anti-theft door locks

The need to protect people’s property and lives are increasing, which means that anti-theft door locks are sought by many people. In the current door lock market, there are many products with different designs, types and prices that confuse consumers. Below, Luxterior will suggest.

1. Master Lock high-class anti-theft door lock

Originating from the US, Master Lock anti-theft door lock is known as a door lock with high security and absolute safety. You can use Master Lock to lock the main door, room door, or house gate or even use it for motorbikes. Thanks to modern technology and super-durable alloy materials, compact but sturdy design, excellent rust and cut resistance, Master Lock is ready to challenge the most illustrious “super thieves”.

Master Lock is a line of door locks with high security and absolute safety

2. Abus – The most superior anti-theft door lock

This is the most trusted anti-theft door lock product in the world of security equipment group Abus – Germany. With nearly a century of production, Abus is the most trusted high-end lock in the world. Products have passed rigorous tests and achieved international standards such as VDS, and DIN ISO 9001.

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3. Japanese anti-theft alarm door lock – Onika

Coming from the land of the rising sun, Onika high-quality anti-theft locks are trusted by many people because of their excellent anti-theft performance. Onika includes 1 lock, 3 keys, 6 button batteries and 6 spare batteries.

The product is made of super durable zinc alloy, anti-oxidation, avoiding rust, so it can be used for door locks, gate locks or in wet, outdoor places. In particular, the Japan lock also automatically signals with a horn with a continuous “beep” sound when there is a force of impact.

4. Kinbar super durable anti-theft door lock

As a cheap anti-theft door lock brand from China, Kinbar is trusted by many people because of its “undefeated” anti-theft effectiveness. The product is made of aluminium alloy for excellent corrosion resistance. Along with that, it is an affordable, luxurious, modern and beautiful design.

Kimber is trusted by many people because of its “undefeated” anti-theft effectiveness.

5. “Super padlock” anti-theft, anti-cut Real

Made from zinc alloy, the Real lock with the full name “Real lock Anti-Cut Padlock” from Germany is a product not to be missed. With excellent anti-cutting, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, Real is dubbed the “best-seller” door lock product on the market today.

6. Yale – the world’s leading brand of anti-theft locks

As the leading producer of the Assa Abloy brand – in Sweden, Yale anti-theft lock has been present in most countries around the world. This is an extremely handy anti-theft door lock with high-quality brass, chromium, stainless steel and steel alloy materials with absolute anti-rust and anti-cutting features.

Yale anti-theft locks are available in most countries around the world

7. Luxtop – super durable 7F cut-resistant door lock

Anti-theft door lock 7F Luxtop with modern technology from Italy is currently a super durable door lock model, which is most loved by consumers. The product is made of steel alloy, anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and anti-cutting very well with a beautiful and solid design. You can use it to lock the main door, lock the door of the house or car.

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Above are the top 7 types of anti-theft door locks with outstanding advantages that are “storming” on the door lock market today. A high-end lock usually comes with a stylish door handle. Please contact Luxterior immediately to choose the most suitable door handle product for your door set!