Which type of outdoor smart door lock should be installed?

In recent years, outdoor smart door locks have been trusted by many families because of their absolute safety and convenience. Below, Luxterior will take you through some of the most popular smart lock products this year.

What should be paid attention to when installing an outdoor smart door lock?

– It is recommended to install the smart door lock outdoors at a moderate height for convenient use for the whole family and to avoid rainwater and dust. Ideally, you should base the average height of family members to install the lock accordingly.

– In particular, the smart door lock needs to be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and standards. If you do not have expertise in smart door locks, it is best to ask for the help of technical staff to avoid unnecessary errors during installation.

Smart door locks need to be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations

– Try to choose locations to avoid sun and rain, do not let water splash directly on the smart door lock. Ideally, you should choose a location with a discreet roof to install the lock, which will help increase durability and help the lock operate more smoothly.

– Should be greased, and fully maintained so that the smart door lock does not get stuck when unlocking. At the same time, you should choose reputable and good-quality smart door lock addresses to buy satisfactory products.

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Top 3 “hottest” outdoor smart door lock models in 2022

1. Kitos KT-DL07 – The most popular fingerprint door lock

– Your gate will become more modern, safe and secure with the Kitos KT-DL07 2021 version from Japan. Although the price is only in the mid-range segment, the KT-DL07 features IP67 water resistance and a high-end Cortex M4 chip processor, so it is chosen by many people.

Kitos KT-DL07 smart door lock 2021 Japanese version

– You can install the DL07 lock for all types of indoor or outdoor doors. With a convenient and safe slide design, Kitos DL07 has the ability to avoid rain and sun, providing high durability when used.

2. Dessmann outdoor electronic lock G811FP

– Dessmann G811FP high-end smart door lock from Germany gives users valuable experiences. Compared to previous designs, Dessmann G811FP has added many features, perfecting the design.

– The main lock core material is a super durable steel alloy, with excellent anti-rust and waterproof features. You can use your fingerprint, key or code to open the door with the Dessmann G811FP. In particular, you can set the auto-lock mode when closing the door easily.

Dessmann G811FP gives users valuable experiences

3. Unicor UN-9000BWSK-F . fingerprint door lock

– When it comes to outdoor smart door locks for iron doors and gates, you cannot ignore Unicor UN-9000BWSK-F. This is a product that brings luxury, modernity and convenience to your family’s life.

– With fingerprint technology using an extremely sensitive dot matrix (Area – Scanning), you can easily open the door even if the fingerprint is wet with sweat or sticky with cosmetics. You can set up fingerprint recognition for all family members, or you can unlock it with super-fast Bluetooth.

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Above are the most popular and most used outdoor smart door lock products on the market today. Besides, you need to choose for yourself the best quality door handles to install so that the door set is safest and most durable. Please contact Luxterior to have the best door-handle products!