Why are antique fake cabinet knobs so many collectors?

In today’s interior decoration, antique cabinet knobs are the top choice. Do you know the reason why antique knobs are so popular among collectors? Let’s explore Luxterior in the article below!

1. What is the antique fake cabinet knob?

Antique cabinet knobs are accessories made of cast alloy materials, often imitating the colours and patterns of classic cabinet knobs. With many designs, colours, and unique designs, antique fake cabinet handles have a classic and modern look that is very attractive.

Antique cabinet knobs are accessories made of cast alloy materials

– Especially, in the 4.0 era, beautiful antique fake cabinet knobs are becoming the trend of the times, helping the kitchen cabinet or wardrobe to have a very impressive highlight, breaking the way, and attracting all eyes. Although it has a bit of a classic design in the old style, the antique knob is not old or outdated.

– Antique cabinet knobs are usually made in the style of classic cabinet knobs, the commonly used material is cast alloy. The most popular design today is the round cabinet knob.

– People often use antique knobs for wardrobes with handles designed to hug along the length of the cabinet. Products show neoclassical style, extremely delicate and luxurious.

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Why are antique fake cabinet knobs so many collectors?

– Reasonable price: With classic cabinet knobs made of pure copper or gilded copper, the price is not cheap. But if economic conditions do not allow, you can choose for yourself an antique fake alloy cabinet knob that will have a “softer” price, which will not be a bad idea.

– High durability: Although it may not be made of copper, an alloy is also a good material, so you don’t have to worry about the durability of cheap antique knobs. With materials such as stainless steel, pure copper, 304 stainless steel or zinc alloy, antique cabinet knobs will be very resistant to rust and metal corrosion.

Antique fake cabinet knobs are resistant to rust and metal corrosion

– Wide variety of designs: Produced with a variety of designs, models and materials. Thanks to that, you can choose for yourself a high-class antique fake cabinet knob with patterns from simple to complex to get a royal and aristocratic style.

– Suitable for many interior design styles: Antique cabinet knobs are a combination of classic design styles and modern materials to help reduce production costs while maintaining quality. Therefore, you can choose models of antique fake cabinet knobs with diverse designs.

The product is very easy to synchronize and coordinate with household appliances. When combined with wooden furniture (such as wooden cabinets) or metal, antique cabinet knobs will help your room have a luxurious beauty, extremely prominent.

Antique fake cabinet knobs follow a classic design style, so they often have soft pattern lines that are designed symmetrically with extremely luxurious colours. Thus, contributing to adorning the interior space with a modern, delicate and gentle beauty.

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At this point, you must have known the reason why antique fake cabinet knobs are collected and used by many people for interior decoration. At the same time, to choose the products of gold-plated or silver-plated brass knobs with beautiful colours and the best quality, please contact Luxterior right away!