Why should you install fingerprint lock doors for your home?

Modern life brings unexpected benefits and a fingerprint door lock is one of them. Why is this type of door lock used so much? Let’s find out in detail with Luxterior in the article below!

What’s the difference between a fingerprint lock door and a regular door?

Using the fingerprint lock door, you will no longer worry about losing your key. Because this is an electronic lock that does not use a regular key, you will use your fingerprint or a sequence of codes to open the door.

Using a fingerprint lock door, you will no longer worry about losing your key

Smart fingerprint lock doors have higher safety and security, avoiding unauthorized intrusions. Therefore, protect your life, property and family most effective way.

Reasons to install fingerprint lock doors for your home

The value of an object lies in its use value, and fingerprint lock doors also have outstanding advantages that you cannot ignore such as:

– Safe and secure

The smart fingerprint lock doors are installed with a fingerprint recognition feature. Thanks to that, no one can open the door, except the owner of the house. As a result, safety and security are also enhanced.

On the other hand, the secure fingerprint lock door always has high certainty, and good defence because the inside has a super-durable mechanical key core and extremely solid locking pins. Even if a thief destroys the lock surface on the outside, it will still not be able to penetrate inside.

– Fingerprint lock door for smart, instant alerts

As a smart and modern door, the multi-function fingerprint lock door is also integrated with an immediate warning feature for the owner when a thief tries to break in. The door will send an audio notification, even if you are far away from the house, you can still know it through your phone with an internet connection.

At the same time, you can also use the control app to check the door opening history. As a result, it is easy to detect unusual behaviours to prevent and report them to the police when needed.

– Fingerprint lock door has a variety of models

You will have many choices of cheap fingerprint lock doors because now there are many new models on the market. With a variety of lock models, all styles such as classic, modern, and luxurious, … homeowners will find a beautiful and most suitable door lock for their beloved home.

– Many handy features

Not only does using a fingerprint to unlock but this modern door lock is also integrated with many other features such as using Bluetooth, using the password to open, and remote unlocking feature, … Besides, you also have You can set up separate passwords for family members easily.

The fingerprint lock door has many handy features

– Simple, fast and friendly usage

Normally, many people would think that not using the key would be very complicated. However, the usage of the fingerprint lock door is surprisingly simple. Whether the elderly or children can open the door without having to spend a lot of time or trouble.

You can also connect the high-end fingerprint lock door with lights, controllers or air conditioners to automatically control all devices in the house. What’s more convenient than when you just open the door, the air conditioner turns on, the light comes on?

At this point, you must have found the reasons to use the fingerprint lock door for your home, right? Do not hesitate to contact Luxterior for assistance in installing the most advanced fingerprint door lock!