Classic cabinet handles – Beautiful models over the years

In the field of interior decoration, classic cabinet handles help the cabinet become luxurious, keeping classic and sophisticated features. Therefore, choosing the right type of cabinet handle is very important. Below, Luxterior will take a look at the beautiful classic cabinet handles that go with the years.

Uses of classic cabinet handle

– As an installation accessory with classic-style cabinets, classic cabinet handles are popularly used in families. This type of cabinet handle is usually made of pure copper or high-grade stainless steel, so it is very durable and beautiful.

Classic cabinet handles are popular with families

– High-end classic cabinet handles have a variety of designs, styles and sizes, making the cabinet door more solid and safer. If installed correctly, cabinet handles are highly aesthetic, helping you to open and close the door easily and conveniently.

– Beautiful classic cabinet handles are often designed with gentle curves, soft curving patterns, simple or sophisticated textures depending on the type, corrosion resistance, and avoiding oxygen. rust, rust. Therefore, the use of a classic handle will bring homeowners a lot of conveniences and high comfort.

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Beautiful classic cabinet handles over the years

Classic style wooden or stainless steel cabinets, when fitted with suitable and synchronous door handles, will further enhance the elegance and show class. In recent years, the basic classic cabinet handles that are still popular with many people are:

– Classic round cabinet handles: Round cabinet handles are often combined with symmetrical points regularly. The round shape of the cabinet handle helps the lock to be in harmony and balance with the interior space of the house. In particular, this model of cabinet handles has a good-looking design, affordable price and high durability, so it is popular with many people.

The round cabinet handles are often combined with symmetrical points

– Types of classic ceramic cabinet handles: Currently, there are many beautiful, rustic and simple ceramic handles. This type of handle can be used for wooden cabinets, helping you to synchronize the wardrobe with the furniture in the house. You just need to choose the right colour and design, and you will have the right cabinet handle product right away.

– Classic C-shaped cabinet handle design: This cheap classic cabinet handle has many unique patterns and is manufactured from materials such as pure copper, zinc alloy, aluminium, and stainless steel,… Due to the variety of designs and materials, the C-handle will have different prices. Depending on your pocket and personal preferences, you can choose for yourself the suitable C-shaped cabinet handles.

Classic C-shaped cabinet handles have many unique patterns

– Classic cabinet handle model encrusted with jade: This is an elaborately designed door handle model, partly made of zinc alloy or pure copper. The unique feature is that this handle is combined with soft patterns and an extremely “luxurious” pearl-encrusted layer.

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The above are beautiful classic cabinet handle designs and are commensurate with the classic interior style of the cabinet in particular and the whole house in general. If you are still confused and do not know which type of cabinet door handle is suitable, please call Luxterior immediately. Our consultants will help you find the right product, good quality at an affordable price.