How to keep your cabinet door knobs like new?

As an important highlight for the cabinet door in particular and the interior style of the room in general, the cabinet door knob is always focused on preservation. So, how to keep the cabinet knobs as durable as new? Below, Luxterior will tell you a few “secrets”.

The necessity of preserving cabinet door knobs

– Keeping the living room, and kitchen in general and cabinet door knobs in particular clean is essential. Because, clean cabinet knobs like new will create aesthetic beauty for the house, avoiding corrosion and deterioration. You will save the cost of repairing and buying new cabinet door knobs at that time.

Keeping the door knobs clean is essential

– For kitchen cabinet door knobs, keeping these accessories clean will help you not spend much time cleaning and cleaning after cooking. At the same time, limit damage to kitchen cabinet handles.

– The clean cabinet handles like new will reduce the penetration of bacteria and insects. Thus, protecting the health of your family members.

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How to keep your cabinet door knobs like new?

– Should clean the cabinet door knob periodically: The door knob of the kitchen cabinet, and wardrobe during daily use will not avoid the adhesion of dirt and grease. Therefore, you should use lemon, vinegar, detergent or coffee powder to clean the door knob periodically once a week (with stainless steel door knob) or daily after cooking (with a plastic door knob). to keep it clean and prevent rust.

You should clean the door knobs periodically to keep them like new

– Daily cleaning of kitchen cabinet door knobs: Every day, after cooking, you should wipe away dirt and grease from kitchen appliances as well as kitchen cabinet handles. Daily cleaning also helps the cabinet door knobs to be shiny and always as beautiful as new, without worrying about dirt and deterioration. If left for a long time, it will form a hard plaque, which is very difficult to clean and clean. Vx88 Esball Global

– Anti-oxidation for cabinet door knobs: Over time, cabinet door knobs oxidize and rust. Use pumice powder (bought at a building material store) to mix with a little warm water and use a soft cloth to rub on the door knob. You will see amazing results. Vx88 Promotion

Daily cleaning also helps the cabinet door knobs to be shiny

– Proceed to remove scorch marks on kitchen cabinet handles: In case your kitchen cabinet door knob is scorched and looks very unsightly, you can follow the following recipe: take 1 cup of baking soda (baking soda) + 1 cup of lemon juice + 3 tablespoons of salt mixed up into a mixture. Vx88 authorized dealer

Using a soft cloth, soak the mixture and scrub the scorched part of the cabinet door knob. Finally, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft towel. That way your cabinet door knob will no longer have traces of scorch marks.

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Hopefully, the above information on how to make your cabinet door knob clean as new above will be useful to you in the process of using and maintaining the cabinet door knob. Besides, suppose you need to buy door knobs for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes or door handles made of gold plated, or silver plated with many colours and sizes, please get in touch with Luxterior immediately for more advice!