Round cabinet handles – the trend of modern designs

Your cabinet will become more luxurious and convenient with round cabinet handles that are installed in a way that fits. This is an indispensable accessory in interior design in recent years. Find out with Luxterior why round cabinet handles are so popular.

Advantages of round cabinet handle

– The round cabinet handle is just a “small but martial” accessory, without it, closing and opening the cabinet door will be difficult. With this beautiful little handle, you will use the cabinet more efficiently.

Round cabinet handles are a “small but mighty” accessory.

– Moreover, the design of the beautiful round cabinet handles is also very easy to synchronize with the design and items of the whole house. The harmonious coordination between the elements overall will help enhance the value and beauty of the project.

– On the contrary, if the model of the cabinet handle is not selected properly, it will lose the uniformity of the whole interior space. Because, in addition to aesthetic value, popular round cabinet handles must also match the style and preferences of the owner. Having harmony and uniformity will create convenience and durability.

– In particular, round cabinet handles with many flexible materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, copper, and even wood will play an important role, helping you impress and highlight the beauty of the kitchen cabinets. or the wardrobe in your home. At the same time, the simple and diverse design of the high-class round cabinet handles also gives the space a sophisticated and modern beauty.

– The selected round cabinet handle must have a size suitable for the size of the cabinet, neither too big nor too small. Other designs in terms of lines, structure, and patterns of cabinet handle also contribute to the attraction of your cabinet.

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How to install round cabinet handles for beauty?

Installing and replacing the round cabinet handle is not too difficult, just focus your attention and manipulate it gently and accurately. The steps to install round cabinet handles are as follows:

– Step 1: Prepare installation tools, including:

+ 01 screws used to tighten screws.

+ 01 cleaning cloth

+ 01 drills (hand-held type)

+ 01 drill bit with the size from 4 to 4.2mm (based on the material of the cabinet to choose the drill).

+ Round cabinet knob screws: Usually, the cabinet handle product comes with a few screws. However, you can use a few more screws if needed.

The installation and replacement of round cabinet handles are not too difficult

– Step 2: Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface where the cabinet handle needs to be installed, and hold the cabinet handle to determine the size of the drill hole. Pay attention to measuring the size of the left, right, top, and bottom margins to balance.

– Step 3: Using a pen to mark the centre, turn on the drill to drill into holes. The size of the hole is equivalent to the diameter of the cabinet handle screw.

– Step 4: Use a towel to clean the wood chips on the surface of the cabinet door you just drilled. Next, use the screw to install the screws and door handles according to the design drawings on the product’s packaging.

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At this point, you must have known why round cabinet handles are considered a trend in modern design, right? When you need to buy door handles, and cabinet handles of all kinds, please contact Luxterior immediately. We have a variety of beautiful, durable, and reasonably priced doorknobs for you to choose from.