7 reasons why the door handle is stuck and how to fix it?

Locks and door handles are often stuck and hard to rust due to weather or other reasons, which interferes with unlocking. In the following article, Luxterior will go with you to find 7 reasons why the door handle is stuck and how to fix it!

1. Door handle is stuck due to bent latch or wrong key

In this case, even if the door handle is jammed, the door will still open, but you will not be able to turn the key anymore. You should check the key again to see if it is correct, if not, the door lock cam is broken or the door latch is bent. At this point, you need to adjust the door latch properly.

The door handle is stuck, maybe because the latch is bent or the key is wrong

2. The door handle is stuck so the key can’t be inserted

The key has been deformed, no longer straight but warped, but if you still deliberately put it in the lock, it will cause the door handle to be stuck and unable to open. Sometimes, the door handle is still stuck due to a foreign object falling into the lock or loosening the screw, dropping the ball, or sticking PU, …

What to do now is to clean the lock, remove foreign objects, and adjust the key to straighten or fix the balls of the lock.

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3. The door cannot be locked because the door handle is sagging

When the door handle is loose, the latch will not be able to enter its correct position, making it impossible for you to lock the door. You need to fix that sagging handle, if the situation is not better, you can call a professional locksmith to fix it.

4. The door handle does not turn, causing the lock to jam

The phenomenon of the door handle not turning can be due to the door lock being painted or rusted due to wet weather. It’s very simple, just take the CR7 solution to spray it.

If the door handle still won’t bend, check to see if the lock core is off-centre, loose, or has a loose screw inside. At this point, just unscrew the screw of the lock, and adjust the centre of the lock properly.

The door handle does not turn, it may be because the door lock is painted with paint

5. In case the door handle cannot be retracted, causing the jam

When locking the door, the handle does not retract inwards, making the door unable to be closed due to foreign objects falling in or the lock locator bar missing. You should observe if there is any foreign object or dirt stuck to the lock, then adjust the airlock to straighten, and the lever will work again.

6. The door handle is stuck so you can’t get the key out

Locking the door is just fine until you suddenly realize you can’t get the key out of the lock. This situation is caused by the camshaft of the door handle being used for a long time to be misaligned or worn out. The way to fix it is to change the direction of the cam core, if it still doesn’t work, you should replace the cam core side.

7. I can turn the handle but still can’t open the door, what to do?

The doorknob has turned, and you expect to open the door but no, the door still does not move. The cause is that the door handle’s rotor is broken or deformed, causing pressure on the latch to prevent the door from opening. You need to adjust the installation position or replace the door handle lock core.

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The above are specific cases and effective remedies for the situation of the door handle being stuck. To avoid the above “unpleasant” phenomena, besides maintaining the locks properly, you need to use the best quality doorknob products. Please contact Luxterior immediately to experience high-end door-handle products at affordable prices!