1001 extremely luxurious and unique door handle design

You are looking for beautiful door handle designs, suitable for the general design of the apartment. Let’s take a look at Luxterior’s most luxurious and unique door handle designs this year in Australia!

The design of the door handle is in the shape of an animal

With door handle designs of dolphins, tigers, leopards, bears, birds, and horses,… your house will become more prominent and impressive than ever.  The interior space will reflect the personality, preferences and economic conditions of the owner. Moreover, the delicately carved animals, made into the door handle, also have the meaning of feng shui, attract money, help your family do business more prosperous, lucky and happier.

 Impressive and outstanding animal-shaped door handle design

Classic brass door handle design

As a popular door handle design because of its extremely luxurious and noble golden colour, the brass door handle also has a classic and sharp style. The delicate pattern lines combined with luxurious wooden doors are sharp highlights, helping to affirm the class of the house. However, the price of brass door handles is not cheap, can be up to several million dongs.

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Super durable alloy door handle

One can use alloy in the door handle, steel corrugated iron for the door body, and a brass key. Depending on the design, the alloy will make the door handle royal, sophisticated or simple and popular.

One can use alloy in the door handle for luxury

Solid wooden door handle design

Natural wood material makes the door handle simple but no less unique and sophisticated. The handle is made of wood, making the door safe, secure, and extremely user-friendly. Along with that, the stainless steel bar helps the design to be more modern and luxurious.

Unique and luxurious door handle with natural stone

As a combination of modern and classic style, this door handle is usually made of natural stone combined with stainless steel details to ensure sturdiness. Natural stone has 2 main colours, blue and red, bringing shine, and colour durability, helping to enhance the perfect beauty of the door set.

Natural stone combined with stainless steel details to ensure certainty

Luxury and class with gold-plated door handles

Iridescent gold metal along with sophisticated motifs help homeowners show their inherent power and wealth. This unique design of door handles is often used in houses with luxurious Western European designs.

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Above are 1001 luxurious and unique door handle designs that you can choose to suit your home. Currently, Luxterior sells hundreds of beautiful, unique and luxurious door handles, delivered throughout Australia. Please contact us immediately to order beautiful door handles at the best prices today!

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