Compare the advantages and disadvantages of copper and stainless steel door handles

Brass door handles and stainless steel are currently the door accessories chosen by many families because of their outstanding advantages. However, choosing a brass or stainless steel door handle is a problem that many people wonder about. Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two-door handles with Luxterior!

The pros and cons of the brass door handle

* Advantages of brass door handles

– The design of the brass door handle has long had an “immutable” position in the hearts of those with nostalgic hobbies. The brass door handle model gives you a space that is both classic and luxurious and modern.

The brass door handle model is both classic and luxurious and modern

– High-quality brass door handles are exquisitely carved, unique, aesthetic and have absolute durability over time. No matter how harsh the weather, the brass door handle retains its shape, colour and value.

– Moreover, cleaning brass door handles is also very easy. The more thorough and frequent cleaning, the shinier the door handle becomes, the “water” is very eye-catching. In particular, this type of door handle is also capable of self-sterilizing and disinfecting. In a time of complicated epidemic developments like today, the use of copper door handles will bring about a very effective disease prevention effect.

* Disadvantages of brass door handles:

Genuine brass door accessories are quite expensive and only suitable for customers with large financial capacity. If you have a tight budget, you can use products made from ordinary copper at affordable prices.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel door handles?

* About advantages:

– Stainless steel material used to make the door handle is very resistant to rust and corrosion, preventing the door from oxidizing during use.

– Stainless steel door handles have diverse designs, reasonable prices, and are popular with many consumers.

The stainless steel door handle design makes the door set more luxurious and modern, increasing the aesthetics, usability, safety and durability. You can use stainless steel door handles to decorate the main door more prominent.

– Stainless steel glass door handles with lightweight, simple designs are often used to install on cabinet doors. As a result, it makes opening and closing the cabinet more convenient, easier and faster.

The stainless steel glass door handles are light in weight and simple in design

* About the cons:

Stainless steel door handles are often popular designs, familiar, nothing new, and lack originality. Because of the monotony in design, stainless steel door handles are only used for cabinet doors, very few people use them for the main door. Therefore, if you want to have a door set that makes a strong impression on customers, you need to order in advance to have the unique and strange door handle designs you want.

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Above, you have reviewed the outstanding advantages and disadvantages of brass door handles and stainless steel in the most detail. Based on that, you can choose for yourself a door handle product that suits your preferences, house structure as well as your pocket. If you have any questions about the door handle, please contact Luxterior immediately for more specific answers!