Should wooden door handles be used?

Wooden door handles are an interior trend that many families choose to decorate their doors more beautiful and luxurious. But many people wonder whether to use wooden door handles. Let’s go with Luxterior to find the correct answer in the article below.

When installing the door, should a wooden door handle be used?

– Wooden door handle is a “small but mighty” accessory, favoured by wood architects and interior designers. The item seems to be less noticeable, but it helps the interior design become more unique and luxurious. On the other hand, using a wooden handle will make the door more durable, convenient and safe.

– Wooden handle products, especially natural wood, are not only used to push out – close in but also add aesthetic value to the design of your home. Most types of doors in the family, from aluminium doors, tempered glass doors, and glass doors, … can use wooden door handles.

Most doors in the home can be used with wooden door handles

– The wooden material of the handle always brings a more friendly, close and cozy feeling to the house. With a variety of designs, models, sizes, and colours, you can choose or order any wooden door handle product according to your liking.

– If your house uses glass doors, you should design wooden door handles with 2 stainless steel ends. When assembled into the door set, the interweaving between the deep, classic lines of wood and the shiny features of stainless steel will help the space become more luxurious and “spiritual”. At the same time, the stainless steel corner clamp will stand out on the glass surface, making the door set with high certainty.

As for the wooden door sets, the wooden handle is often elaborately carved, which will show the ultimate class and authority. In restaurants, shopping centres or high-class hotels, people often use this design to create a sophisticated, nostalgic and very unique charm for the door set.

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What is the length of a wooden door handle?

Before going into the matter of whether to use wooden doorknobs or not, let’s take a look at the standard dimensions of this unique door handle. Depending on the type of door and the intended use, the size of the wooden door handle will vary.

Specifically, the wooden door handle lines have the following dimensions:

– The wooden door handle series has a length of 600mm, and the centre of the hole used to catch the door is 400mm.

– The standard length of the wooden handle is 800mm, and the centre hole for fitting into the glass has a size of 600mm. This is the most common and popular size on the market today.

The size of the door handle has 2 common lines for you to choose

At this point, you must be wondering “Should I use a wooden door handle?” Your answer is correct. To choose beautiful – unique – luxurious door handles, please contact Luxterior immediately. Our team of consultants will help you get more detailed information about wooden door handles to make your door set more impressive!

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