Door lock using the magnetic card – Pros, cons and notes when using for hotels

For hotels, door locks using magnetic cards are commonly installed, bringing convenience and safety to users. Let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular magnetic card lock line in 2022 with Luxterior.

Evaluate the outstanding advantages of magnetic card door locks

– Door locks using magnetic cards have diverse designs, luxurious and modern designs. Along with that, the lock material is made of super-hard alloy to help the lock become firm and suitable for many interior spaces.

– Absolute safety, high security: The door lock uses a high-grade magnetic card with high security, so it is difficult to fake. Thanks to the security of the magnetic card lock code, more and more people are using it instead of mechanical locks.

The door lock uses a high-security magnetic card, so it is difficult to fake

– Long life of magnetic card door lock: You can use a magnetic card lock for decades without fear of damage. On the other hand, thanks to the stainless steel material, the magnetic card lock never rusts or corrodes, even when using strong force, the saw is also “invulnerable”.

– Convenient, fast, and easy to manage: You just need to put the magnetic card in the right place to scan the card, and the door will quickly open without spending much time or effort. At the same time, you can also manage the data stored in the door lock using the magnetic card easily.

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What are the disadvantages of using a magnetic card door lock?

Besides the advantages of “worth the money”, door locks using magnetic cards also have certain limitations:

– The installation of a door lock using a magnetic card is difficult and takes a long time: You need to correctly install the front of the lock, the latch lock, and the back, … correctly. If installed incorrectly, the lock will not work. Ideally, you should call a professional locksmith, do not “install indiscriminately” because it is easy to damage the whole lock.

Installing a door lock using a magnetic card is difficult and takes a long time

– Magnetic card door lock is difficult to repair and time-consuming: If unfortunately the magnetic door lock is damaged, if you do not have the expertise, you should not repair it yourself. Had to “hook the purse” to hire a locksmith.

– The price of a door lock using a magnetic card is quite high: If you want to choose a lock with a low cost, you cannot choose a door lock using a magnetic card. Because it costs many times more than a mechanical key.

What should be noted when using magnetic card door locks for hotels?

As a lock with a high price, you need to pay attention to the use and maintaining the door lock by using magnetic cards properly to increase the durability of the lock. Should remember:

– Do not bend or break the magnetic card because it will not be possible to use the card reader to unlock it.

– Do not wet the magnetic card, avoid leaving the card in places with high temperature or humidity. Because magnetic cards contain microchips and pin codes, hot and humid conditions will cause the card to be damaged and lose its ability to unlock.

– Avoid putting the magnetic card together with cutlery, keys or nail clippers because it can cause the magnetic card to be scratched, broken and lose data on the card.

– Stay away from electronic devices such as phones, computers, and radios, … because they can cause the magnetic card to be data disordered.

– Clean, and check the door lock using a magnetic card regularly, if there is any problem, it must be corrected promptly.

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Above, you have reviewed the advantages – disadvantages and notes for door locks using magnetic cards in hotels. In particular, a lock works effectively and is safe when there is a firm door handle. Please contact Luxterior immediately for advice, choose a suitable door handle for yourself!