How high is the door handle to be beautiful and convenient to use?

Before installing the door handle, you need to know exactly how much the door handle height is beautiful and convenient to use for your family members. Let’s explore this issue with Luxterior thoroughly to get the right door set.

What should be noted when measuring the door handle height?

To know how high the door handle is, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

– Based on the door material to measure the door handle height: The material of the door will determine how much the door handle height is most convenient. Normally, people will use natural wood, aluminium and glass, … to make doors. The harder the material, the more stable and firm the door handle height is.

 Need to base on door material to measure door handle height

– Choose the right type and model of door handle: There are many types of door handles for you to choose from: single-point door handles, door handles with moving bars, D-shaped door handles, locking handles, … Depending on the design style of the house and the preferences of the owner to install the door handle.

On the other hand, not all doors are the same height. Therefore, before determining how much door handle height is appropriate, you need to know the type of handle that you will use for the door set.

– Based on the height and characteristics of each person in the house: Installing a convenient door handle for all family members is the top priority. Ideally, you should carefully calculate the height of each member to install the door handle so that each person can open the door easily.

– Door handle height for families with pets: If your home has pets, pay attention to measuring the most accurate door handle height so that they can’t reach it. Otherwise, the animals may open the door on their own to enter the house or run out, out of your control.

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What is the best door handle height measurement?

– When measuring the doorknob height, you need to measure from the floor to the door handle. And of course, not everyone’s door handles are the same height. At the same time, each type of lock has a different size, so the height of the door handle is not the same. You need to consult experts to get the most beautiful and convenient door handle position.

– For the height of the door handle for the elderly, you should measure from 85 – 90cm. And the door handle of the children’s room will have a slightly higher height, about 90 – 110cm is just beautiful.

When measuring the doorknob height, you need to measure from the floor up to the door handle

– One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the annual height of children will change in the direction of increasing steadily. Therefore, you need to carefully calculate the average height of the child so that it is reasonable to help the child open the door most conveniently.

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At this point, you probably have the answer to the question of how tall the door handle is, which is the most beautiful and convenient to use. If the height of the door handle is not suitable, it will make it difficult to open the door, even having to remove and install it, causing unsightly doors. At the same time, you can contact Luxterior for advice on choosing the most suitable door handle product for your door set.