Top 3 reputable door handle stores in Geelong

Although it is only one of the door accessories, choosing the right door handle store in Geelong is especially important. Otherwise, you may encounter unsatisfactory products, affecting the aesthetics and longevity of the door set. Soon, Luxterior will tell you a few “secrets” to buying a good doorknob and the most reliable addresses in Geelong, Australia.

How to choose a good quality door handle?

Before you go to a reputable doorknob shop in Geelong, you need to understand a few criteria to get a beautiful and durable doorknob. Such as:

– Choosing a super durable door handle must be based on the material: The door handle has to be strong and sturdy to bring long life to the door set. The door handles should use super-hard, pocket-friendly materials such as brass, zinc alloy, iron alloy, and stainless steel 304, … so that the door has the highest durability.

Choosing a super durable door handle must be based on the material

– Based on the internal structure of the door handle: It is necessary to choose door handles with a solid structure, not sagging or loose, and springs with good elasticity. When choosing reputable and reputable door handle brands, you do not have to worry about this.

– Pay attention to the outer coating of the door handle: The outer coating of the door handle needs to be uniform, not faded or peeled off because it looks very unsightly.

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“Take attendance” of 3 reputable door handle stores in Geelong

1. Detail Door Hardware Pty Ltd

• Address: 143 Fyans St, South Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

• Phone: +61 3 5221 4133

Detail Door Hardware Pty is the ideal destination for interior designers who need to design doors for families, apartments, and commercial areas,… in Ballarat, Geelong and surrounding areas. In particular, the door handles at the store have many different types, models and prices of many famous brands in the world.

With more than 30 years of experience in the business of building materials and interior design, Detail Door Hardware will not disappoint you. From the Melbourne region, around the Victoria region, and even throughout Australia, Detail Door Hardware has a reputation that is confirmed and recognized by a large number of customers.

Door handles at the store have many types, models, and prices

2. Buy cheap door handles at Alltools Geelong

• Address: 124 Fyans St, South Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

• Phone: +61352231577

Although it is a cheap door handle, the product quality that Alltools Geelong provides to customers is not low. The prestige and reputation of Alltools Geelong is also created by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the staff with 24/7 support and consulting services.

Alltools Geelong is a trusted companion for families, architects and interior designers. Come to us to work closely to choose the best accessories for your door set.

3. Grayling’s Store – A trusted address for selling door handles

• Address: 37A W Fyans St, Newtown VIC 3220, Australia

• Phone: +61352211626

Present since the 1950s, Grayling’s Store is a place specializing in providing home appliances, metals, and classic interior design in Geelong. Not only has good quality and affordable doorknobs, Grayling’s Store also has a great and impressive service style that makes customers remember it forever.

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Above are the top 3 reputable door handle stores in Geelong that are highly appreciated by customers, have you chosen an address for yourself? If you still have doubts, please contact Luxterior immediately for advice on choosing the best door handle product!