Is the wall hook stick-on durable and how to use it

Despite its compact size, the wall hook stick-on is an important item for every family. On the other hand, many people are still concerned about how durable this product is, and how to use it. Let’s find out with Luxterior right in the article below!

Are the adhesive wall hooks stick-on durable?

– Adhesive wall hooks are commonly used with super-adhesive nanotechnology. We do not need to use screws, but we still help the accessory to be firmly attached to the surface of the wall. As a result, there is no damage to the surface of the wall because there is no need to chisel, drill or screw a lot of time and effort.

The attached wall hook  stick-on is an important item

– In addition to features such as high aesthetics, adhesive hooks for painted walls also keep the glued surface and hooks safe. In particular, the durability of the wall hook is extremely high, which can hang objects with a bearing capacity of up to <10m. With a variety of wall hooks in materials such as wood, stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic, … the product will have high durability and a beautiful design for you to freely choose from depending on your intended use.

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– Moreover, the ceiling hook is highly convenient, the hook can be attached to any area of ​​the house. From the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom, the kitchen to the living room, the warehouse has the presence of this type of hook. With a variety of uses, adhesive wall hooks are becoming more and more popular in families 7ball news .

High-convenience ceiling hook

How to use the wall hook stick-on

– Currently, wall-mounted hooks are often attached to the wall with a pre-coated layer of super-adhesive, making the use process extremely quick and convenient. When you buy it, you just need to use your hand to remove the film sticker on the top of the glue and it can be used immediately 7ball khuyen mai .

– Whether the surface of ceramic tile, wood, glass, plastic or stone, decorative wall hooks can be used. As a result, the indoor space will be cleaner, more comfortable and modern.

However, if the surface of your wall has layers of wallpaper or decal glued on the wall, it is necessary to peel off the sticker layer before using a wall hook for better adhesion. Or if you intend to glue it on top of that decal, you should pay attention to hanging and hooking objects of moderate weight, not too heavy because it can tear the sticker layer, causing unsightly 7ball sport.

Wall hooks are used in many positions without being “picky”.

– For rough, non-smooth walls, you need to choose the best adhesive wall hook to stick. Because usually, wall hooks will have the highest durability, especially on smooth walls, but with rough walls, you will have to use specialized hooks for greater durability.

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At this point, you must have answered the question about the durability of the attached wall hook stick-on as well as how to use the wall hook type. To choose the right and durable wall hanging products, you need to find the addresses that provide reputable and high-quality wall hooks. Besides, if you want to buy copper wall hooks to change your style, please contact Luxterior immediately for advice and further support!