Some notes when using wall hooks to hang clothes in the bathroom

The wall hooks for hanging clothes are increasingly promoting their effectiveness. However, how to use wall hooks in the bathroom to achieve high efficiency? Let’s learn some notes with Luxterior in the article below!

What is a wall hanger for hanging clothes?

– Wall hangers for hanging clothes are one of the popular items, often used in the bathroom and bedroom of every family. This device is used to hang hats, clothes, keys, towels or bath towels.

Wall hooks for hanging clothes are one of the popular items

– Wall hangers have many different designs and materials, depending on the purpose and needs of each person. Currently, the most popular materials for wall hooks are plastic hooks and stainless steel hooks. These are 2 types of materials of good quality, affordable and safe for users.

Plastic bathroom hangers are lightweight and come in a variety of designs and colours for you to choose from. As for the stainless steel hanger, it has a more luxurious and sturdy design, the price will also be slightly higher.

– In terms of design, door hangers for hanging clothes are produced with many different shapes and designs, mainly in the form of horizontal bars and round cylinders. All types of hooks have a compact structure to save space for a small bathroom. Although small in size, the hanger must be sturdy and convenient to be able to hang many clothes at the same time.

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Some notes when using wall hooks to hang clothes in the bathroom

– The bathroom space is inherently wet, so you need to use plastic, stainless steel, and brass clothes hangers with nails fixed to the wall to avoid water absorption causing damage, reducing the durability of the hooks. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly clean and wash the clothes hangers to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria and mould.

– Do not use wall hooks, or wooden clothes hangers to hang clothes in the bathroom because the wood has a high ability to absorb water, cause mould and quickly damage. At the same time, do not use wall hooks that do not need to be drilled, or hooks glued to the wall because steam can cause the glue to break, affecting the durability of the hook.

Stainless steel clothes hanger with nails fixed to the wall

– The size of the cloth hanger – IKEA also needs careful selection attention. With large, heavy clothes, you should use big hooks, sure to not break when in use. The slim, small crochet designs are only suitable for light clothes, and bath towels only.

– Should choose wall hooks of famous brands for high durability. Do not buy door hanger products to hang cheap clothes, poor quality because they will be deformed, damaged, dented, … having to change over and over again is very annoying.

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Not only used to hang clothes and items, but wall hooks to hang clothes in the bathroom also help increase the aesthetics of your home. Therefore, you should choose the right reputable address to buy the best quality and genuine clothes hanger products. Please contact Luxterior immediately to get brass wall hook products with many modern designs and models.