List of accessories for aluminium doors

When installing aluminium doors, we often worry that we will miss the accessories that make the door unsightly and uncertain. Below, Luxterior will introduce you to the most detailed and complete list of accessories for aluminium doors.

What are the accessories for aluminium doors?

– In construction, accessories for aluminium doors are the small details and items often used to assemble and decorate the door more beautifully. aluminium door accessories make the operation of the aluminium door set normal, smooth and convenient.

Small details and commonly used items to assemble aluminium doors

– If you already have a set of good quality aluminium doors, it should come with the right aluminium door accessories to increase the aesthetics and durability of the door. However, you can still choose cheap aluminium door accessories to assemble your door.

– The use of high-quality and synchronous aluminium door accessories will help you get the most luxurious and durable door set. Currently, on the market, there are many brands of aluminium door accessories with a variety of types and prices, you need to consider carefully when choosing to get the best product.

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List of accessories for aluminium doors

Depending on the type of aluminium door, you choose the correct accessory system. The common types of accessories for aluminium doors can be mentioned as:

– Door hinge

– Single point door lock

– Multi-point door lock

– Clam lock

– Door knob

– Edge lock head

– Door latch bar

– Motion bar

– Key lock with 2 keys.

Accessories for each type of aluminium door

– The selection of aluminium door accessories is often based on the function of the door. In construction, people often use many types of doors such as sliding doors, revolving doors, 1-wing doors, swinging doors, 2-wing doors, aluminium-glass doors, 4-wing doors, and glass-wall doors,…

The choice of aluminium door accessories is often based on the function of the door

– In general, all types of aluminium doors will use essentially the same accessories. Besides, there are still separate details for each type of door such as:

+ Accessories for large aluminium doors that open and rotate 4 wings include: door handles, 3D hinges, multi-point latches, door locks, door lugs (for toilet doors using single-point locks), multi-point locks, door anti-sagging bar,…

+ Accessories for rotating aluminium windows include a limit bar, A-hinge, corner hinge, door handle, multi-point latch, and anti-sagging bar.

– Accessories for sliding aluminium doors include a door handle, multi-point latch, corner hinge, door lock, door lug, navigation wheel, lemon bar, hanging wheel, door latch (including 2 types of latches) negative and floating latch).

For single-leaf sliding aluminium doors, you should use single wheels, and for 2-leaf doors, you should use double wheels. At the same time, based on each type of aluminium door, you choose the type of door handle and roller wheel accordingly.

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Above is a list of accessories for aluminium doors that are commonly used today. Remember, not all doors use the same accessories. Therefore, before assembling aluminium doors, you need to research carefully to choose the most suitable accessories, avoiding the situation of taking time and effort to remove and install them. Please contact Luxterior to choose the best accessories for aluminium doors.

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