Pros and cons of black door handles – What they haven’t told you yet.

Pros and cons of black door handles

A few years ago, while scrolling some interior ideas for our new house in construction, I came across these elegant, and unique black door handles. It made me so excited, and I told my husband about it, to which he responded that “I heard they fade away easily.” So, out of curiosity, I researched the pros and cons of black door handles.     

Creating a new and modern home design requires a lot of effort and hassle, but once you’re done with picking out the leading hardware and décor, it all gets worth it! Black door handles are the latest and unique fashion of this modern world. All the new places have got these black door handles as they really change your interior game. While they look all classy and beautiful, black hardware has both pros and cons. I will discuss some essential points that have helped me know more about this black hardware: black door handles.

Pros and Cons of Black door handles
Black door handles are elegant and attractive


I will start by discussing the positive aspects of choosing black door handles. You must be wondering why every house these days has a black interior. Well, I will guide you with the pros of having black door handles in your home. Let’s begin!

Elegant and Attractive

We have all heard that “Black can never go wrong,” whether it’s clothes, accessories, phones or even door hardware! If you wish to make your house look more classy and elegant, then black hardware is a good option. Black door handles can change the whole vibe of your place. They are simple yet sleek enough to catch the attention of everyone. 

Versatile and sophisticated

If you’re looking for something that makes your space more sophisticated, then black door handles are the right choice for you. Doors can be of any color and design; you need not worry as black matches with everything while giving a different perspective each time. Look around the designs of all new houses, and you will definitely notice that everyone has this black hardware installed as it makes your home look chic and classy! 

Black goes with everything, especially natural timber

We’ve always heard of the phrase that “Black goes with everything.” All color schemes, whether blue, white, stone, natural timber, neutral shades, marble, everything fits right with the black. Usually, black hardware compliments natural timber the most. There is no doubt that your house looks 10x better with a combination of black and natural timber.

Different styles

One fantastic feature of these black door handles is that they come in different styles and shapes. Currently, square black door handles are very much in class, so that you can opt for them. At the same time, some models come in a square design with very minimal round features. It gives a classy yet vintage touch to your doors. 

Fingerprint proof

Research shows that black hardware does not offer any marks or fingerprints on it. Unlike chrome and metal, black door handles are fingerprint-proof which adds a great deal to its advantage. Fingerprints look unclean and rough when any door handles have their marks. Well, If you’re going for black door handles, then there is nothing to worry about!


Black hardware is ordinarily accessible to your pockets as it does not cost you a fortune. They look elegant and classy while being cost-effective. You can purchase them at a very affordable price range from anywhere, unlike chrome or metal, which are far more expensive. Well, beautiful and cheap? That’s all one needs.


Everything has its positive and negative aspects, so one should be aware of it before deciding. While I have discussed all the pros of black door handles, let us look at the cons. It is important to know everything about the material in which you are investing! Following are the cons of black door handles.

They might fade!

“All that glitters is not gold.” Well, you can relate this quote with black hardware. Black color fades with time if it is not maintained correctly. It does not matter whether it’s quoted with powder-coated, electroplated, or oxidized; time will make it fade and turn it into a gray kind of finish. They might look rusty and old after a few years.

Dust is visible

Door handles are one thing that is used excessively in the house, so dust can quickly gather on them. If you are doing makeup and suddenly you drop your powder, the particles will appear on your black door handle. If you try to clean it with a dry cloth, it might give a cloudy appearance. Warm cloth can properly maintain black door handles.

Unable to clean them with chemicals and wax-based chemical products

The main disadvantage of having black door handles is that you cannot clean them at any cost by chemicals, and wax-based chemical products can damage them. Using such products will fade these black door handles in no time. You have to be careful in their maintenance; mild soapy water or a soft, warm cloth cleans black hardware efficiently.

Damage during installation

We all are aware that carpenters can be rough while installing hardware in houses. They need to be careful with black door handles as pressure and roughness can damage them easily. Black is a dark color, so it usually shows up any scratches and dents. Avoid using multi grips and drills as they can easily scratch or put a dent in your handle.

Black can be overpowering

It is often said that “Excess of everything is bad.” Well, too much black hardware can overpower the look of your house. It can look overstated, which might affect the aesthetics of the overall interior. If you opt for black hardware, keep it moderate to give your house a more natural look. Black door handles are a good choice but overstating them with a lot of black hardware is never a good idea.

Black door handles have a date

Unfortunately, black door handles cannot last too long. They might be appealing and elegant, but they are very likely to date at a certain point. After ten years of installation, they might start to fade and wear off, so they will need renovation or a new handle. If you are up for facing a challenge and you have no problem renovating after a few years, then black door handles can be a perfect option for you.

Pros and cons of black door handles – The conclusion

Black door handles can give you all that fancy and glamourous yet quite classy look, but they have a specific time till they last. I, personally, avoid such hassles because I have never been good at maintaining things. But if you want your house to look exquisite, then black door handles are the perfect choice for you. In this modern world, you have to live up to the expectations of the world and cope up with all the latest designs, so your house should look new and elegant. For that, installation of such black door handles is a must! Well, I think I have guided you enough about the pros and cons of black door handles that it will be easy for you to decide whether to install or not. While I still have doubts about it, I might as well choose them too!

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