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Monika Handles – Brushed Brass


These edge pulls are one of the utmost minimal designs in our collection. The Monika are most suitable for below-counter drawers and kitchen cabinets, the hidden rear is affixed to the door so that just a jut of the pull is out. The pulls mimic the open eaves of a house for easy grasp and pull.


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If you think knobs and pulls on the cabinets are fine and classic but not necessary then the Monika is just for you! This hidden gem helps declutter your space to ensure visibility and clarity for endless opportunities of furnishing the room. Finished in a slightly glossy coat, it blends and collaborates well with many contemporary colours. 

Our cabinet handles were brushed to achieve a scratch resistant surface then coated with clear varnish however over the years the brass metal will start to show discoloration depending on usage and environmental influences. Being such a lovely and long-lasting metal, this is a natural process for brass.

Detailed Specification:

  • Function: Cabinet Handle, Cabinet Pull
  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Finish: Brushed Brass
  • Measurements:
    • 96mm variation: 20mm x 40mm x 115mm
    • 160mm variation: 20mm x 40mm x 174mm 
  • Weight:
    • 96mm variation: 65g
    • 160mm variation: 103g
  • Hole spacing:
    • 96mm variation: 96mm
    • 160mm variation: 160mm
  • To protect the finish, avoid the use of household cleaners with strong chemicals.

What’s in the box:

  • 1x Monika cabinet handle
  • 2x M4 screw 25mm
  • 2x M4 screw 40mm
  • 4x Spring washers



Cabinet Handle






96mm, 160mm


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