Should I use wall hooks with shelves?

The more modern life is, the more people tend to simplify items and decorations to maximize space efficiency. Therefore, wall hooks with shelves are a commonly used accessory. However, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of wall hook, should it be used or not? Let’s find out more details about Luxterior in the article below!

What is a wall hook with shelves? Pros – Cons

– Wall hangers with shelves are also called wall shelves, this is a wall accessory with a bracket designed in a certain shape. Hangers with shelves are glued or screwed to fix the wall to maximize the space below the room.

Wall hangers with shelves are wall accessories with brackets

– Wall hooks with racks and shelves possess many “value for money” advantages such as:

+ Can be used to store and store objects in large quantities: such as books, pictures, clothes, decorative items, and even miniature plants.

+ Optimizing the area, making the space more spacious and airy: If your place is an apartment or a small room, a hook with a shelf below is a great idea. You can still store things neatly without taking up room space.

+ Beautify the space: the entrance wall hook has shelves with many diverse designs, helping to increase the beauty and aesthetics of the room thanks to the artful arrangement of objects. At the same time, this type of hook is also very easy to install and can be folded when transporting.

+ Longwall hooks with shelves are made from many popular materials, so they are cheap. With only a few hundred thousand dongs, you already have a satisfactory wall shelf.

However, wall hooks with shelves and baskets also have disadvantages such as:

+ Can not hold heavy, fragile objects when being overweight. If it is fixed to the wall, it will leave traces when removed.

+ Cheap hooks are not durable.

Should I use wall hooks with shelves?

In interior decoration, the fewer accessories and furniture, the more airy and beautiful the space will be. Therefore, many people think that wall hooks with shelves and baskets will make the room more cramped and cluttered. But, the opposite, the convenience of wall hooks with shelves will help to expand the space.

– In particular, wall hooks bring a relaxing and convenient space, showing the habits, preferences and style of the owner. The black wall hooks with shelves are not only for decoration but also used to store objects in the house, when needed, they can be used immediately.

Wall hooks with shelves provide a comfortable and relaxing space

– Currently, there are 02 types of wall hooks with shelves- Ikea, 1 is a wall hook with an exposed hook shelf and 2 is a wall hook with a hidden hook shelf inside. With the second type, you will not see the hanger (rack) of the wall shelf, but it is still necessary because the wall mount has a large weight and has to bear a load of certain objects.

– Thanks to hangers, floating hooks with wall shelves can support the weight of decorative objects or accessories. Therefore, wall shelves are being used extremely popularly in modern and minimalist interior decoration.

So whether to use wall hooks with shelves is not sure you have the answer. Besides, you can use copper hangers to highlight the living space of the whole family. Contact Luxterior to own beautiful and durable wall hangers right now!