Some notes when installing recessed kitchen cabinet handles

Recessed kitchen cabinet handles are used as a popular accessory, helping to increase the beauty and durability of kitchen cabinets. However, it is not possible to install the cabinet handles in any way. Below, Luxterior will “reveal” to you the necessary things to install the most accurate kitchen cabinet handles.

What is kitchen cabinet handles?

– As a product used in the design of kitchen cabinets, recessed kitchen cabinet handles are increasingly being chosen by customers. The handle is designed internally to help the kitchen cabinet look elegant and sophisticated. In particular, when using the recessed handle, moving kitchen cabinets will be easier and more convenient.

Kitchen cabinet handles are increasingly being chosen by a large number of customers

– Currently, on the market, there are many designs and models of low-cost, good-quality kitchen cabinet handles. Based on your preferences and budget, you can choose the correct kitchen cabinet handle for yourself.

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How to install simple kitchen cabinet handles

– Step 1: Clean the surface of the kitchen cabinet door thoroughly, then use a pen to mark the exact position to drill the hole.

– Step 2: Use a ruler to accurately measure the distance between the 2 screw holes on the body of the cabinet handle, and measure the distance to be installed on the cabinet door.

– Step 3: Drill holes in the cabinet door, pay attention to aligning so that the position of the handle matches the drilled holes. Then, use a towel to wipe away the dirt and wood chips on the surface of the kitchen cabinet door.

– Step 4: Use the screw to fix the kitchen cabinet handle to the cabinet door. In particular, it is necessary to turn it very gently and tighten it just right. Try opening and closing the kitchen cabinet door a few times to smooth and fit, then tighten the screw one more time. Do not screw too hard because it will break and damage the screws of the screw.

Based on your preferences and budget choose kitchen cabinet handles

Things to note when installing recessed kitchen cabinet handles

– If you do not have experience in installing kitchen cabinet handles, it is best to contact professional installation services. If you deliberately install it indiscriminately, you may damage your kitchen cabinet door.

– It is necessary to measure the drill holes and install the screws accurately to fix the cabinet handles, do not drill and drill many times because this will cause the cabinet door to be punctured, which looks very unsightly.

– Choose the size of the kitchen cabinet handle by the size and style of the cabinet as well as the space of your kitchen. At the same time, the design style of the interior space also plays a decisive role in the selection and installation of kitchen cabinet handles.

Choose the size of the kitchen cabinet handle by the size of the cabinet

– On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to choosing the right material for the cabinet handle. A solid brass cabinet handle will suit a home decorated in a classic style. You should prioritize choosing stainless steel material to help the cabinet door have the highest durability.

– Just choose the cabinet handle that is in sync with the cabinet door in terms of material, style and colour. In addition, you can choose a reputable, good-quality door handle installation address to get the most satisfactory product.

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Above are the notes when installing recessed kitchen cabinet handles to help your kitchen have the most perfect beauty. When you need to buy cabinet handles, contact Luxterior immediately for luxurious, modern and affordable models. Luxterior specializes in providing the best quality doorknobs, shipping all over Australia.