The most popular models of wardrobe handle

In the field of interior decoration, wardrobe handles are often chosen to synchronize with the whole set of cabinets. As a result, the house will have a classic or modern style as desired by the owner. Join Luxterior to refer to the most popular wardrobe handles in 2022 below!

1. Classic black wooden or iron wardrobe door handle design

– It is the most popular model of wardrobe handles today because of its classic, rustic and simple design. This door handle model is manufactured in black wood or black cast iron, rose pattern, suitable for both modern and classic doors.

– With this model of wardrobe handles, you can combine with many interior decoration styles to create unique and strange concepts. The wardrobe will become more eye-catching and good-looking than ever.

Classic black wooden or iron wardrobe door handle design

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2. Brass wardrobe door handle model

The smoked oak wardrobe door handle combined with brass is an impressive design in your 2022 collection. Along with that is a rose-shaped or smooth handle, becoming an extremely beautiful classic handle.

Combined with oak, brass and a nickel-plated neckband, this is the hottest wardrobe door handle ever. You can use it to install wooden cabinet doors, aluminum or iron cabinets are suitable.

Smoked oak wardrobe door handle with brass

3. Brass and porcelain wardrobe door handles

– Do you like the intersection of classical and modern interior decoration? The beautiful brass wardrobe door handle combined with the porcelain handle helps to highlight the classicity. People often use this model of the door handle to install locked wardrobe doors from the inside.

– In addition, this door handle also has a rose motif head combined with a solid brass handle design. Thanks to that, the wardrobe has an unexpected “luxury” beauty.

Brass and porcelain wardrobe door handles

4. Design trendy wardrobe door handles Tom Dixon

Originating from Denmark, this is a modern and durable door handle model that has overcome the destruction of time. Designed by architect Tom Dixon (British), this door handle model is honoured to bear his name.

– Tom Dixon uses polished copper and asterisks to make the door handle’s texture stand out. Combined with copper and stainless steel, the Tom Dixon door handle will be more beautiful and stronger than ever.

Tom Dixon door handle model has a modern style

5. Escutcheon Italian Brass Door Handles

A door handle design from Italy in 1910 but still popular in interior decoration today. With pure copper content and perfect design, Escutcheon brings high aesthetic value to your cabinet.

Escutcheon Italian Brass Door Handles

The above are the most sought-after models of wardrobe handles in 2022, have you found a model you like? If you still have questions, you can contact Luxterior immediately for advice and choose the most unique designs! You just need to choose the model, we will ship it all over Australia.

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