Where to buy quality wooden door handles?

The selection of the appropriate wooden swing door handle plays a very important role in the process of door construction and assembly. To get the best quality wooden door handles in Australia, please refer to the addresses below with Luxterior.

1. The Lock and Handle

• Address: 5/44 Sparks Ave, Fairfield VIC 3078, Melbourne, Australia

• Phone: +6139489 0515

As an address providing the best quality wooden door handles in Melbourne, The Lock and Handle always gives customers the best services. At The Lock and Handle, you can buy all accessories for the door set such as pivot hinges, door handles, lever door handles, compartment sliders, door stoppers, door hinges, and door hardware cabinets, … at affordable prices.

The Lock and Handle is the address that sells quality wooden door handles

You can go directly to the store to choose the door handle, or you can buy directly if you don’t have time to come to the place. After advising customers to choose products, The Lock and Handle will deliver the goods quickly and safely.

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2. Designer Doorware – where to sell quality wooden door handles

• Address: 7 Kimpton Way, Altona VIC 3018, Brisbane, Australia

• Phone: +6139300 8888

Designer Doorware is highly appreciated by customers not only for the quality of wooden door handles but also for the professional, enthusiastic and thoughtful service style. At Designer Doorware, wooden door handles are cheap but of the best quality with many types, models and brands for you to freely choose according to your liking.

3. Two Tease Architectural Hardware

• Address: Unit 22/76 Reserve Rd, Artarmon NSW 2064, Sydney, Australia

Service area: Sydney

• Phone: +6129437 9876

You can buy all aluminium door hardware, cabinet hardware, hinges and the best accessories for your home when you come to Two Tease Architectural Hardware. This is also the address to supply high-quality wooden door handles of famous brands in Australia such as AGB, JOLIE, M&T, and FORMANI,…

Come to Two Tease Architectural Hardware for good door handles

Not only that, but Two Tease also has a team of skilled interior consultants and architects to help customers assemble door handles quickly and reliably. With the right selection of quality accessories, your door set will open and close with ease and be highly durable.

4. The number 1 quality wood door handle in Australia – Marina Isles

• Address: The Nicholas Building, Room 7, Level 7, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Sydney, Australia

• Phone: +6137015 5155

As one of Sydney’s leading wooden swing door handles, Marina Isles is the perfect choice for your door set. At Marina Isles, you can find more than 1000 accessories and equipment for assembly from doors, and windows to kitchen doors. With friendly and dedicated service, Marina Isles’ staff will help you choose the best wooden swing door handle for you.

When you need to buy wooden door handles, don’t forget Marina Isles

5. Bauer’s Hardware Collections

• Address: Unit 28/121 Kerry Rd, Archerfield QLD 4108, Australia

• Phone: +6173275 3589

No need to go far, just sitting at home, you can immediately call Bauer’s Hardware Collections and own a satisfactory wooden door handle. At the same time, you can freely choose from different brands of door handles at affordable prices at Bauer’s Hardware. Striving to bring good things and satisfaction to customers is our top motto.

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Above are the addresses that provide the best quality wooden door handles in Australia that you can refer to. If you are concerned about the epidemic or do not have time to go to the above addresses, you can contact Luxterior for advice on the selection and delivery of the most beautiful wooden door handles from brands. famous brand. We are committed to providing genuine products at the best prices in the market.