Update the most modern models of wardrobe handles today

With wardrobes, the door handle is an accessory that plays a very important role. Are you looking for a beautiful model of wardrobe handles to add colour to your home? Let’s take a look at the most popular modern wardrobe handles with Luxterior below!

1. Design of knob-shaped wardrobe handles (Knob)

The most popular wardrobe handles this year are round handles, semicircular handles, and square handles. Especially the round handle is being chosen by many people because it is suitable for many different decoration trends and interior styles. At the same time, the round handle is also very easy to “pamper” to the liking and needs of the whole family.

Round handles are one of the hottest wardrobes handles this year

2. Pull-out wardrobe handle model (Pull)

Currently, pull-out wardrobe handles are often integrated into modern interior styles. It is a simple architecture with few patterns and textures, very suitable for mid-range apartments, and apartment buildings, …

There are 2 types of pull handles: pull handles with circular handles and handles with scissors with square bar handles. The main material that makes the pull cabinet handle is very friendly, it can be installed in all kinds of wooden, aluminium, glass cabinets, etc.

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3. Long stick wardrobe handles – perfect for minimalist style

Minimalists often prefer long-shaped wardrobe handles. This is also a model of cabinet handles suitable for large closets, making opening and closing more accessible, faster and more secure.

The long bar cabinet handle makes it easy to open and close

The long bar handle model is often used for aluminium, wood or alloy cabinets with simple and elegant colours. In particular, women also like this cabinet handle because it has a flat, long cross-section that easily fits into a long wardrobe.

4. The cabinet handles are recessed inside the door

For glass wardrobes that use sliding doors to save space, the recessed handle inside is the optimal choice. For small apartments and apartments with a narrow areas, the design of the recessed handles deep into the inside of the cabinet door will help make the most of the space, opening and closing the cabinet is also more convenient.

The cabinet handles are recessed inside the door to save space

5. Vintage – classic wardrobe handles are “hot”

Are you female and prefer gentle style, simple patterns? Vintage-style wardrobe handles will be very suitable for you.

These are high-end wardrobe handles in classical or neoclassical style, using mainly pure copper, brass, porcelain-coated stainless steel, etc.

Along with that are the spiral patterns on the hands. Simple but beautiful cabinet handles to create a super “hot hit” Vintage style for this year.

6. Modern trend wardrobe handles

Interior decoration style according to modern trends is also being favoured by young families because of its elegant design, beautiful colours, and diverse and convenient designs. People often use copper, zinc, and aluminium, … to produce cheap wardrobe handles, so you can easily replace them when needed.

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Above are the most modern models of wardrobe handles today, which hopefully, can help you choose a satisfactory handle. If you still can’t decide, you can call Luxterior and we will help you. Not only consult on choosing unique wardrobe handles, but we also have high-quality door handles for those in need.