What kind of interior design is copper cabinet knob compatible with?

In interior design, copper cabinet knobs are an accessory that many people love to use. However, not all interior styles can use copper cabinet knobs. Below, Luxterior will work with you to find out which cabinet knobs are suitable for interior designs!

Features of copper cabinet knob

– High durability: The material of copper cabinet knob is durable, solid, anti-oxidation, and anti-rust very well. Therefore, you can choose copper cabinet knobs for both wardrobes and kitchen cabinets without worrying about the product being degraded or degraded due to the influence of high-temperature environments, or being contaminated with grease, salt, etc.

Copper cabinet knobs are durable, firm, anti-oxidation, and anti-rust very well

– Aesthetics: With unique and beautiful designs, copper cabinet knobs are always the choice for interior works that require high aesthetics. In particular, the classic-style designs are very popular with copper cabinet handles to show luxury without losing tradition and nobility.

– Various designs and models: You can choose any style of brass knob design for your cabinet to express your style. Brass knobs are sophisticatedly designed, with many sharp patterns, always bringing unique and unforgettable highlights to your kitchen.

– Antibacterial, anti-oxidation: Copper cabinet knob can self-sterilize and anti-oxidation, and anti-rust under normal conditions. The copper cabinet knob is where many hands touch and hold, so there are a lot of bacteria. Therefore, antibacterial properties make copper cabinet knobs more popular than ever.

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What kind of interior design is the cabinet knob compatible with?

– With a luxurious and durable appearance, timeless, copper cabinet knobs are suitable for interior works with European classic trends and styles. The sophisticated designs and many unique patterns of copper cabinet knobs will help make the interior design perfect.

In particular, the “perfect duo” of wooden cabinets + brass knobs is the ideal choice for classic-style interior spaces. Whether it is gilded copper or pure copper, the product will bring to your home unmatched luxury and class. The original colour of the high-end copper cabinet knob is wonderful and matches the cabinet doors of natural wood, artificial wood or imitation wood.

– Although a classic interior style combined with a beautiful brass knob is a perfect choice, today’s modern designers can also use this accessory. Shiny pure copper colour can be combined with minimalistic designs that still bring sophistication and “playfulness” to the homeowner.

Copper cabinet knobs are suitable for classic-style interior works

However, when choosing copper cabinet knobs, you need to pay attention to their colours and designs to synchronise with the furniture in the room. A brass knob with a sophisticated and complex pattern will be suitable for a luxurious and expensive wardrobe. As for kitchen cabinets that are often exposed to dirt and grease, you should choose a simple design of copper cabinet knobs for easy cleaning and cleaning.

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It can be said that the copper cabinet knob is the “national” accessory, suitable for all design styles. At the same time, it is necessary to choose a variety of designs, models and patterns so that the copper knobs can promote the highest aesthetics for your home. When you need to buy gold-plated brass knobs or silver-plated brass knobs, or pink, blue, or purple-plated brass knobs… please contact Luxterior immediately to choose the best product!