Which type of round handle door lock is good?

In the field of decoration and interior design, round door locks are widely used by architects. However, many of you still wonder which type of round handle door lock is good, let’s explore it with Luxterior right in the article below.

Popular stainless steel round handle door lock model

This is the selected round handle door lock model for all housing projects. The product is made of high-quality stainless steel with excellent impact resistance.

The round handle door lock is selected for all housing projects

1. Symmetrical circular door handle design

Using this unique round handle door lock will help you get a harmonious and balanced interior space. The points of the round handle are symmetrically designed to make the door secure, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

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2. Beautiful pear-shaped round handle door lock

Any door, whether made of glass, aluminium or iron can be fitted with a pear-shaped door handle lock. This is a handle model that can be adapted to many different door models and interior styles.

3. Round handle lock model with a truncated cone shape

This is a handle with a small and compact design, but it works to create a very good accent for the interior space with a modern style.

4. Round handle door lock with a unique cup shape

With the angular cup-shaped round handle lock design, you can decorate the doors with square edges even more sharply. This type of door handle is often used for romantic spaces with classic colours.

5. Angled with cylindrical door handle lock

A type of door handle for owners who love the dusty, angular style is the cylindrical round door handle. Uniquely designed, the cylindrical round handle will bring elegance, modernity and comfort to your home.

Cylindrical round door handle for lovers of dusty style

6. Flat head round handle – the most popular door lock

Are you looking for a cheap round-handle door lock for your small apartment space? The round handle with a flat head will meet the requirements of both cost saving and not taking up much space in the room.

7. Round handle door lock type

If you are a simple person who does not like “colourful flowers”, then the round handle door lock model will be a perfect choice. This door lock model brings convenience, modernity and certainty, helping to open the door faster.

8. Round handle door lock with 1 or 2 keys

This is a standard design, consisting of an inner door handle and an outer door handle with a round shape. You can choose a lock model with 1 key, the other end is a button, or both keys with super durable, stainless steel material.

Door handle design with 2 key heads with super durable, stainless steel material

9. Break the way with the stone-shaped round handle door lock

As a person who loves breakthroughs, and likes to pursue new and interesting things, you cannot ignore the natural stone pattern round handle door lock. This design brings elegance, modernity and strangeness to the door.

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Your question “Which type of round handle door lock is good” has the correct answer. Besides, if you have any questions about the round door handle, please contact Luxterior immediately for the most detailed advice and support. We are committed to providing you with the best quality and best price door handle products, shipping all over Australia.