Which wardrobe knob should be chosen elegantly and conveniently?

As an indispensable accessory in interior decoration, an elegant and functional wardrobe knob will make the whole space harmonious and beautiful. Below, Luxterior will “reveal” for you the most popular models of wardrobe knobs today.

1. Closet knob with circular design

– At the top of the beautiful and elegant wardrobe knobs is the circular sound design. This is a product that is suitable for both wardrobes and kitchen cabinets in your family with its diverse sizes, designs, rich colours and above all convenience.

The wardrobe knob is beautiful and elegant, not to mention the circular design

– Round wardrobe knob is designed to be extremely compact, when holding and using it, it is substantial. At the same time, the structure is simple, so this wardrobe knob is easy to disassemble and replace when needed. The product brings elegance, sophistication and luxury to the interior design in a modern style.

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2. Shaped- D wardrobe knob

– Beautiful Shaped- D wardrobe knob looks simple but very elegant and functional. The product is made of high-grade aluminium or stainless steel, bringing certainty and compactness to the cabinet doors, adding a modern and sophisticated look. Shaped- D cabinet handles save space, and at the same time make the process of opening and closing easy, avoiding collisions.

– Simple structure makes it easy to wash and clean the shaped- D wardrobe knob. This is the accessory that helps to form the unique and sophisticated style of the homeowner.

The Shaped- D wardrobe knob looks simple but very elegant

3. Slotted wardrobe knobs

– Among the unique and delicate designs of wardrobe knobs, there is a slotted wardrobe knob. This design is simple but modern and comfortable, suitable for many interior styles.

– The slotted wardrobe knob provides a long service life with durable materials such as high-grade aluminium alloy. In particular, the product also impresses in the point that it is always shiny, and clean but still minimalist, not at all colourful.

4. Wooden wardrobe knobs

– With natural wood material, this wardrobe knob has many designs with diverse patterns and absolute durability. Wooden wardrobe knobs are suitable for both classic and modern interior spaces.

– Wooden wardrobe knob has long durability, the more you use it, the more beautiful and unique it becomes. Therefore, wooden cabinet knobs are a perfect choice, giving your home interior space more sophistication.

Wooden wardrobe knobs are suitable for many interior spaces

5. Pull-out shaped- C wardrobe knob

– This is the most common wardrobe knob design, with many unique colours and patterns. The product gives the interior space an elegant and convenient beauty without losing the inherent elegance.

– Shaped- C cabinet knobs are often used for moderate-sized wardrobe models or compact parts such as cabinet drawers. As a result, it gives a unique accent to the space.

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Above is the most elegant and functional wardrobe knobs, hope you can find a suitable design for yourself. And if you are looking for gold-plated, silver-plated brass cabinet knobs and genuine doorknob accessories, please visit Luxterior to choose immediately!