Wooden wall hooks – Advantages and disadvantages

As a seemingly small, unimportant accessory in your home, the wooden wall hook offers a lot of unexpected functions. However, besides the outstanding advantages, wooden wall hooks also have certain disadvantages, let’s explore more with Luxterior!

What is a wooden wall hook?

– Wooden wall hooks are commonly used accessories in the home, often used to attach to the wall as a fulcrum to hang clothes, hats, bags, keys, … and many other items. Wall hooks have many applications in life, and their prices are extremely affordable.

Wooden wall hooks are popular accessories

– Natural wood wall hooks are often attached to the wall to save maximum space for the house. You can hang many small items in tight spaces. When you need to find things, you just need to look in the corner of the house to find them.

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Advantages of wooden wall hooks

– Durable material: High-quality modern wooden wall hooks are made of natural wood, using smooth, hard and durable wood core. Therefore, wooden hangers are very friendly and safe for people and the environment.

– Diverse sizes: Depending on the needs of use, wooden wall hook products are produced in a variety of sizes. You can choose the size long, wide or short, or narrow, … to meet your needs and purposes.

– Beautiful design: The wooden wall hook is meticulously processed, ensuring quality and diverse and beautiful designs. In particular, the wood grain has an elegant, regular and neutral colour, so it can be combined with many pieces of furniture very easily.

– Convenience, variety of functions: When designed, the hook will be tilted up, helping you hang things easily, without slipping off and falling. With a minimalist interior design style, DIY wooden wall hooks are a decor item for interior decoration that is both convenient and convenient, making your home more beautiful and neat.

– Easy cleaning: The surface of the wooden wall mount is usually polished, smoothed and painted with a transparent colour paint to make the product durable, non-stick, and can be cleaned when needed easily.

Types of modern wooden wall hooks are made of natural wood

Disadvantages of wooden wall hooks

– Easy to rot, termites: Because wooden hooks often use natural wood materials, they are easily decomposed and damaged by mould and insects. This situation affects the health of family members as well as losing the aesthetics of wooden wall hooks. Then, you need to use disinfectants and regularly maintain these items. hit club

Because wooden hooks often use natural wood materials, they are prone to termites

– Potential fire and explosion hazard: Especially in the hot season, any material can ignite a fire and wooden wall hooks are no exception. Therefore, you need to pay attention to comply with fire safety standards to avoid this risk. vx88

– Causing heat to the wall: Wooden hooks cannot dissipate heat, so it will make your home space hot and secret. This is the “minus point” that you need to keep in mind before choosing this product.

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As can be seen, wooden wall hooks bring special benefits, irreplaceable in daily life. However, it also has disadvantages that you need to consider. An alternative to wooden hooks is brass wall hooks.

With the advantages of high aesthetics, more durability than wooden hooks, and reasonable prices, brass wall hooks give your home elegance and unique decorative features.

Currently, Luxterior has dozens of models of brass wall hooks with diverse designs to meet all customer requirements. Contact our designers for a free consultation. Luxterior delivery nationwide!