How to position the cabinet door handle beautifully, conveniently and safe

When choosing a suitable cabinet, people will be interested in installing a beautiful cabinet door handle position. So, how to install the cabinet door handle in a beautiful, convenient and safe position? Let’s refer to Luxterior’s steps to install the cabinet handle position below!

How to use cabinet door handles safely?

Before learning the steps to install a beautiful cabinet door handle position, you need to carefully note how to use each type of cabinet door handle as follows:

– Use round cabinet door handles for large cabinets:

+ The operation to lock the cabinet door is as follows: you press the cabinet door lock button on the inside, then pull the cabinet door back. At this time, the cabinet door latch will quickly run into the slotted position on the cabinet door frame and automatically lock the cabinet door.

+ For unlocking operation: You use the key to turn 45 degrees, gently rotate in the predetermined direction, and finally turn the cabinet door handle to open.

Careful attention should be paid to the use of cabinet door handles of each type

– Open the cabinet door with a long handle: To close or open the cabinet door, you gently pull the handle of the cabinet lockdown and then release it gently to let the handle automatically return to its original position. Note that the operation must be gentle, absolutely do not pull the screw too hard.

– How to use the hydraulic cabinet door handle: Grasp the lock lever, and gently pull it out until the position needs to be opened. Then, release your hand so that the cabinet door returns to its original position. If you want to leave the cabinet door open for a longer time, you must manipulate the opening of the door at a 90-degree angle so that it is perpendicular to the hinge.

Regardless of the type of cabinet door handle, you need to use it gently, correctly, regularly grease and clean. Thus, the new cabinet handles are durable, comfortable to use and always bright as new.

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Steps to position the most beautiful and convenient cabinet door handle that you should know

– Step 1: To install a beautiful cabinet door handle position, you need to prepare a cabinet handle, a ruler, a pen, a hand drill, a 4mm drill bit, a connecting screw, a screwdriver or other machines. commonly used screws.

– Step 2: Clean the surface of the cabinet door, then use a pen to mark the position to drill holes. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the two screw holes of the door handle, and estimate the distance of the handle on the cabinet door.

Clean the surface of the cabinet door before installing the cabinet handle

– Step 3: Adjust the position of the cabinet handle accordingly, then mark the position to be drilled. Open the drill, and drill evenly to make even holes in the cabinet door.

– Step 4: Clean the surface just drilled holes on the cabinet door.

– Step 5: Use the screw and screw to place the safe cabinet door handle position until the screw is tight, then stop. Do not over-tighten because it will cause the teeth of the screw to become loose, causing damage.

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Above are the steps to install the beautiful and convenient cabinet door handle position, anyone can refer to install the handle for the cabinet in their family easily. To choose a suitable cabinet door handle, contact Luxterior right now!