How many wooden door locks are available, and how much does it cost?

When the wooden door is combined with high-class locks, it will increase the value of the building. So, do you know how many types of wooden door locks are available, the price of each type or not? Below, Luxterior will find out the price of each type of wooden door lock with you.

How many types of wooden door locks are there?

Considered the most commonly used lock in the world, wooden door locks with levers include 2 large types, which are divided into many smaller models:

A wooden door lock with a lever handle is the most commonly used lock in the world

– Model of wooden door lock with removable brace:

The removable wooden door lock lever includes 2 different styles:

+ Wooden door with an oval splint: This type of lock is made of a combination of copper and stainless steel or zinc alloy. An oval lock is mainly installed for small iron doors, size 40 x 40 and small aluminium doors according to system 76.

Stainless steel handle wooden door lock is divided into 2 smaller models: hollow stainless steel door lock and solid stainless steel door lock. In terms of quality, these two types are also similar, but hollow stainless steel locks are cheaper. As for the solid stainless steel lock, it will be more versatile and can be used for both solid and removable wooden doors.

+ Round or square wooden door lock lever: Both types of locks are used to fit wooden doors with dimensions from 30 x 60cm, and aluminium doors from 40 x 100cm or more. You can also use it for the wooden door of the toilet, the door of the warehouse or the wooden door of the bedroom, which is also very beautiful.

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– Design of wooden door locks with instant levers:

+ Usually used to install on the main door, balcony door or door 2, 3, 4, … are okay. You should pay attention to choosing the door lock size based on the needs of users as well as the large – small size of the door to match.

+ For the balcony door, you should use the door lock handle with a hole on the outside with the lock shaft having only one key. This will ensure absolute safety for the house, preventing unlocking from the outside.

+ Depending on the size of the wooden door, the part of the lock lever handle will have different sizes. In particular, the locking brace can be easily adjusted to the width.

The part of the buckle can be adjusted to the width – narrow easily

How much does a wooden door lock cost?

The price of wooden door locks with levers depends on their materials, models and types. With simple door lock models, using everyday materials such as steel, aluminium, iron, and stainless steel, … will have a very affordable price, only from 5 – 50 USD / padlock. These products are highly adaptable and easy to install in any interior space, so they are chosen by many people.

– Besides, there are still unique and eye-catching wooden door lock models for art lovers who like their personality such as pipe-shaped door locks, gilded door locks, lever handle Buffalo horn-shaped doors, and chrome door locks, … The price of these strange wooden door locks also ranges from 70 – 150 USD, causing many people to think twice before buying.

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Above, we have provided you with “all” information about prices and types of wooden door lock with a lever to make the most accurate choice. Besides, to make sure and be safe for the door, you need to choose the best quality door handle products. Contact Luxterior immediately for advice to help your door set more convenient and beautiful.