Take a look at the most popular classic door handles in 2022

The classic door handles are being “hunted” by customers again, making the interior market even more exciting. Let’s take a look at the most popular classic door handles with Luxterior in 2022 to have the perfect door set.

1. Option 1: Classic brass door handle

– In the interior design style, brass accessories, especially the classic brass doorknob are considered the number 1 choice. Durability and delicately carved patterns on the surface have been made. makes the “irrefutable” attractiveness of the brass door handle.

– Brass material has long been used to make door handles and other door accessories to give the door more majesty and nobility. Besides, the product also brings harmony to the interior design in classic style.

Brass vintage style door handle

2. Classic wavy pattern cabinet door handles

For customers who prefer a classic style but are a bit fussy, they can choose a handle with a wavy pattern. This product can be designed with natural wood, brass or imitation wood materials, bringing sophistication, flexibility and lightness to the house.

Wavy patterned cabinet door handles bring a gentle classic touch

3. Classic porcelain door handles are most popular today

Referring to the classical school can not ignore ceramic materials. Porcelain door handles are simple and rustic but have a unique feature that can be combined with zinc, copper or stainless steel to enhance the luxury and aesthetic taste of the homeowner.

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4. Popular classic stainless steel cabinet door handles

Stainless steel materials can “weigh” many interior design styles, especially classic ones with simple but not monotonous designs. Classic stainless steel door handles are a popular choice for many families because of their reasonable price and variety of designs and sophisticated designs.

Classic stainless steel door handles are a popular choice for many families

5. Classic rustic leather cabinet door handles

With a simple, uncomplicated design, this door handle has a leather handle combined with brass or stainless steel latches. The classic look from the rustic, closeness of the leather handle will bring a unique and unmistakable look to your door set.

6. Round or square door handles

– This is the most popular classic door handle with an extremely compact round or square shape. The handle has only 1 screw head to be attached to the door, the handle has many patterns and designs for you to choose from.

– This handle is made from basic materials such as stainless steel, copper, and iron, … with prices ranging from popular to high-end. Depending on your needs, you can choose the door handle model to suit.

7. Zinc alloy door handle for kitchen cabinet door

With kitchen cabinets designed in a classic style, a zinc alloy door handle is an indispensable accessory. The kitchen will be more beautiful thanks to the shiny, solid and safe cabinet door handle.

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Above are the most popular classic door handle models in 2022 that we have just reviewed. The beautiful door handles will make your interior space more luxurious and cozy. Please contact Luxterior immediately to get the best door handle product!