Top 10 most beautiful tempered door handles at Luxterior

Although it is only a small detail on the door, the tempered door handles are chosen by many people to be beautiful and luxurious. Here are the top 10 most beautiful tempered door handles at Luxterior that are being bought the most in 2022.

1. Tempered door handle model made of stainless steel

– Stainless steel tempered door handles are usually designed with standard diameters of Ø32 and Ø38. About the length of the stainless steel handle is 580mm and 700mm, the centre hole size is 380mm and 580mm.

– This is the most advanced tempered door handle model, which can be used in all weather conditions, is resistant to corrosion, and prevents rust. The product has a beautiful design, and an affordable price, and is often used to install tempered doors with stainless steel floor hinges.

Stainless steel tempered door handles can be used in all conditions

2. Wood grain toughened door handle design

– Wood grain toughened door handles are often used to fit into the door set of restaurants, hotels, cafes or high-class resorts. The product has a sophisticated and luxurious appearance, suitable for many types of doors.

– The house with beautiful wood grain toughened doors will create a unique and classy style for the homeowner. However, the price of this type of door handle is quite high, you should only use it for the main door of the house.

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3. The most beautiful tempered glass door handle product

– With a handle structure mainly made of glass, 2 ends are covered with stainless steel, the product brings a dynamic, youthful and fresh style to the homeowner. In particular, glass material with many different colours such as blue, red, yellow, white, transparent, … comfortable for you to choose.

– Glass handles are often used for houses designed in a modern direction, bringing comfort and unexpected splendour.

The glass handle brings comfort, an unexpected splendour

4. Gold-plated tempered door handle model

– Although the price is a bit high, it is true that “you get what you pay for”, the product gives your home luxury and nobility. Therefore, gold-plated handles are often used in villas, 5-star hotels, and luxury restaurants.

– Products with high durability, and many diverse and rich designs.

5. Classic look comes from tempered brass door handles

People use cast bronze material to make door handles with 2 primary colours: moss bronze and golden bronze. Products help the interior space become luxurious, classic and noble with many intricately carved patterns. During use, the copper door handle does not fade and has excellent antibacterial properties.

6. Unique tempered door handle design in mica

Mica handles with 2 stainless steel connectors create a fresh, modern beauty for the door set. Products are available in various designs and colours, at affordable prices, so you can choose according to your liking.

7. The most popular wooden door handle

Natural wood material has been around for a long time but has never been “hot” in the field of interior decoration. The combination of wooden handles and stainless steel screws makes the product durable, non-termite, and extremely scratch-resistant.

Combination of wooden handle and stainless steel screws

8. Models of stainless steel toughened door handles with imitation of stone

The middle part of the door handle is made of stone, the 2 ends are covered with stainless steel, bringing outstanding durability and brightness to the door. Imitation stone stainless steel door handles do not fade over time, so the product is popular with many customers.

9. Imitation stone mica tempered door handle

This type of handle has a smooth combination of modern and classic features, using mica to imitate stone with 2 solid stainless steel caps. The product has a natural shine with 2 basic colours, blue and red, enhancing the nobility of the house.

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10. L-shaped tempered glass door handle

This type of door handle is usually used for bathroom doors. With stainless steel material, the L-shaped handle also has the function of hanging towels or other items extremely convenient.

Above are the top 10 best-selling tempered door handles at Luxterior. Currently, Luxterior receives door-to-door delivery throughout Australia with high-class doorknobs and beautiful designs. Right now, you can contact us immediately for advice and a selection of tempered door handles at surprisingly low prices.