The door handle ringing – Causes and ways to fix it within 1 note

The phenomenon of the door handle ringing makes unlocking difficult. Therefore, you need to thoroughly understand the cause in order to have a suitable remedy. Let’s explore the details with Luxterior in the article below.

What causes the door handle ringing?

The condition of  the door handle ringing can be caused by the following main reasons:

– Due to the process of using the wrong door handle or you do not regularly maintain the locks and door handles.

Not regularly maintaining the lock causes the door handle to ringing

– Due to extreme weather conditions, too cold or heavy rain, humidity causes the door handle ringing.

– The door handle part is damaged due to loose or damaged, broken, warped details inside the lock such as dented slide, broken key, distorted wrist handle,… Then, If you hold and turn the doorknob, you will hear a ringing sound, making it difficult to open the door.

– The door handle squeaks and rotates heavily due to the wrong assembly of the reed or the positioning tweezers falling without entering the locating pin. Sometimes, the doorknob squeaks because a foreign object has fallen into the lock.

– The selection and use of poor-quality locks, of unknown origin also cause the door handle to squeak and break quickly. Therefore, the selection of a door handle supplier plays a decisive role in product quality.

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How to fix the door handle that is ringing within 1 note

– Use a few drops of vegetable oil on the lock, put the key in, unlock the door, and turn the doorknob several times to make it smooth. You can also replace it with graphite powder (found in pencils) or dry makeup powder to blow into the lock to also help the door handle no longer squeak.

– To fix the creaking of the doorknob, you need to carefully check the hinges and tighten the loose screws. In case the door handle screws are too tight, making it difficult to open and close, you can replace them with slightly more flexible screws.

A few ways to fix the creaking of the doorknob

– If the door handle is squeaking due to foreign objects, you must quickly clean the lock and quickly find and remove the foreign objects. For rust stains, you should use RP7 anti-rust solution to spray on and clean. Finally, grease the door lock to help the door lock function at its best.

– The condition of the doorknob squeaking is also due to the loose hinges of the door, causing the door to sag, and preventing the door from opening. At this point, you need to tighten the screws on the old hinge, and repair or replace the new hinge for the door.

* Note: If the door handle is slightly damaged, you can repair it at home by following the above methods. But the condition of the door handle is worse, you need to call a locksmith to ensure you don’t fall into the situation of “healing the pig to become a lame pig”.

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Above are some basic causes and how to fix the door handle ringing in the simplest and fastest way. If you need to replace the new door handle, please contact Luxterior immediately for the best quality product!