Top 3 most popular hotel locks today

Are you looking for the types of locks used in hotels that meet the following criteria: high durability, good security, modern, fast, helping to ensure safety and privacy for the best customers? Luxterior will introduce to you the 3 most popular hotel locks today!

1. Salto XS4 electronic lock – The most modern hotel lock

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* Feature

– Salto XS4 electronic lock is one of the three most popular hotel locks today.

– This lock line has many sizes, colors, and models for you to choose from such as Salto XS4 Mini, Salto XS4 One, and Salto XS4 Access,…

– The lock has an ultra-thin, elegant, and discreet design, with built-in Bluetooth and NFC technology.

The Salto XS4 electronic lock has an ultra-thin, elegant and discreet design

* Advantages

– This type of lock is commonly used in hotels with many foreigners stay.

– Salto XS4 has a thin, light but very safe structure, which can be installed even in narrow doors.

– You can control it remotely and the door can also be opened from the inside making guests feel more comfortable.

* Defect

– Customers who are not familiar with the Operto application to connect may experience trouble and confusion when opening the door.

* Quick review

– Salto XS4 has extremely high security and safety, modern, diverse and sophisticated design. You can install data integration on a standalone SVN card, use Wi-Fi, or connect to a third-party door.

  1. Smart Lock Assa Abloy Vingcard Allure

* Feature

– Suitable for newly built hotels.

– Assa Abloy Vingcard Allure uses the RFID lock technology platform of the VingCard application system.

– You can access it by phone through the walls with the hotel’s logo. There will be 16 themes with LED lights for you to choose your number.

Assa Abloy Vingcard Allure uses RFID lock technology platform

* Advantages

– Integrating smart and modern RFID technology, hotel owners can freely choose at will.

* Defect

– As a mobile lock, sometimes makes customers “dizzy” because of too many options.

* Quick review

– Assa Abloy Vingcard Allure is the perfect choice if your hotel is being built from scratch. But it is best to use the front desk staff to meticulously guide guests.

  1. Yale nexTouch Lock System 

* Feature

– You can use this key to manage more than 500 remaining keys.

– A variety of designs and models as well as extremely eye-catching colors.

– Customers can turn on privacy mode inside to avoid disturbing. After 5 incorrect password attempts, the lock will automatically turn off for security.

* Advantages

– Yale nexTouch lock is made from stainless steel so it is easy to clean.

– Can withstand outdoor temperatures of 40 – 140° F (ie -40 – 60° C) and humidity up to 95%.

The Yale nexTouch lock is made of stainless steel, so cleaning is easy

* Defect

– Still use 9V battery and always need to back up this type of battery in case of power failure.

– If you haven’t upgraded, you can’t connect using Wi-Fi or a smartphone.

* Quick review

– The nexTouch lock series is dedicated to the post-Covid world, quick and easy cleaning and sanitizing. There are many types and designs to suit many different doors. For hotels with doors that open to the outside, choose this type of lock to avoid rust and damage.

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Above are the 3 most popular hotel lock types today. Not only have beautiful, luxurious, modern designs, but these locks can also help protect the privacy of customers as well as their property. Please refer to choose the type of lock that best suits your hotel!