What to consider when choosing door handles for aluminum windows & doors

What to consider when choosing door handles for aluminum windows & doors

Doors are one of the necessities in our lives. They do not only have aesthetic purposes but most importantly, their main function is to ensure our safety. There are many types of doors and windows in the market today and aluminum ones are popularly used.

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In fact, compared with the many other door types such as traditional timber and PVC, aluminum doors have been regarded as better alternatives for their performance, security and aesthetic. This is because aluminum doors have advantages in corrosion resistance, high security and it is not easy to deform. They also have the characteristics of heat preservation, energy saving and easy to clean. Therefore, installation of aluminum door is gaining popularity among homeowners nowadays.

Our topic today is what types of door handles we should choose to fit the aluminum doors and windows in your house. Here is the list.

Types of door handles for aluminum windows/doors

C Type

As the name suggests, a C type door handle looks like a C attached to the door and has a pull grip. You need to pull or push the gate with these grips to open or close it. Made from sturdy materials, they need to bear the weight of the gate when pulled. You will find their use mostly in houses, though commercial places often have this type of grip installed in the gates.

H Type

The H type door handle is very common for aluminum doors and windows. They are fixed on either side of the doors and look like the alphabet H. Unlike the other types, this grip also follows the pull mechanism. They are sturdy as they can hold the weight of the doors when opened or closed. Apart from that, they are straightforward to use and available in different designs. They are mainly used in main doors of corporate houses and other commercial estates. They are also used in various types of shops too.

Lever Type

Lever Latch is the most commonly used for both residential and commercial applications. The two variants are lever on backplate and lever on rose. The name “lever on the backplate” refers to the presence of a lever on a backplate. The backplate can be curved, square, or any shape you desire. The basic Lever Lock on the backplate has a backplate lever that operates a spindle.

When the grip is pushed down to open, we push the tubular spindle inside the latch. A keyhole on the backplate of a lever lock allows a key to be passed through to lock it. The rose on a lever rose handle is circular or square in shape to cover the point where it is attached. This Lever Privacy hold is smaller than a lever on the backplate. This causes the latch to open and close. For added security, the lock can also be fixed. A smooth finish is provided by lever rose ones.

These grips are commonly used on front doors, as they provide security besides helping you control the door.

D Type

Unlike the previous type, the D type door handle also looks like the alphabet D and is very common in apartments, houses, and offices. They have an easy grip and are effortless to pull or push. You can use them without any hindrance. They are found in numerous designs. Besides that, it is also a hold that follows the mechanism of pull grips. They are commonly used in internal doors that do not require latching.

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Whether you are looking for something understated or bold, our experts can help guide every step of this process. By reading this post, we hope that you are now better equipped to make an informed decision about what style of door handles will work best in your house.